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More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  eleven

Cole's POV
"Did he give it to you?" Mike, one of the seniors, ask.
"No, he said he didn't have any." I grunt.
I was acting like I cared, I was actually happy we weren't getting any.
I didn't like smoking because when my older brother used to do it, he went insane, and always abused me.
I only do it because the guys probably wouldn't like me.
"Don't worry my friends, I've got some." My friend Ricky says, waving a bag full of pot in front of our faces.
"Yes, thank god!" Another senior named, Darin, yells.
My phone vibrates and I thank my mom for saying I needed to come home.
"Crap, I've got to go home, my mom text me." I show them the message.
They all sigh but then walk off to go get high like they do every day.
When I enter my house my mom is nowhere to be seen.
"Mom?" I call out.
"Cole!" My mom says, walking downstairs. "Good you're home."
"What did you need?" I ask.
"I'm flying to Colorado to see your grandmother, she's very ill. Will you be okay here alone for a few days?"
"Yeah, tell grandma I love her."
My mom nods her head, grabs her bags, and then walks out the door.
I can't believe my grandmother is ill, she never gets sick.
I decide to text Amy and this is how our conversation went:
Me: Amy, please text me back.
Amy: What do you want, Cole?
Me: I'm sorry, I need to understand that Carson is just your best friend.
Amy: Obviously, Cole. And Kenny already told me you asked for pot, so don't text me.
Me: I didn't do any. It was for the guys and I'm at home anyway. I promise.
Amy: You break promises.
Me: I'll treat you better this time Amy, I need you in my life. Please, be my girlfriend again?
Amy: You'll just keep lying to me.
Me: Amy, I won't. I need you and I realize this now.
Crap, I realize this now. Why did I say that?
Amy: Should've realized it awhile ago
Me: What I meant was I realize that you'll actually leave me and well, I can't deal with that.
10 minutes later, Amy finally replies.
Amy: This is your last chance, boyfriend.

NOTE: Alright whose POV next? Pick anyone. And please comment ONE name.

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  t w e l v e

Carson's POV
I was currently walking over to Mtch and Amy's.
I decided that I wouldn't go on a date with Sammi because it's not fair to her if I love someone else.
I know me and Amy will never be together, but I know when another girl will be the right one to date.
As soon as I arrive at Mitch's, I walk right up to Amy's room and open the door.
Guess what I see? Amy and Cole kissing.
"Sorry, my bad." I close the door quickly.
I quickly walked into the bathroom and let a couple tears fall.
I hate seeing her with Cole. I can't believe she got back together with him.
It's official, I'm done talking to Amy.
I can't do it anymore.
How can I keep talking to her, acting like everything is fine, when I love her? How can I keep smiling, when Cole is the one that gets to hug her and kiss her? I really don't get how sometimes, she makes me think she likes me when I know she doesn't.
"Carson, you in there?" Mitch's voice says.
I wipe my tears. "Yeah, bro." I open the door.
"I take it you found out?" Mitch questions.
"Yeah, I'm done talking to her, Mitch. Sorry."
"I understand, but she won't. Just ignore her and hopefully she gets the idea."
"Bye, Cole!" I hear Amy's cheerful voice fill the living room.
Instead of being in the basment, Mitch and I were playing COD in the living room.
"Ignore her. Remember." Mitch whispers.
As soon as he says that, Amy comes over.
"Hi Carson!"
I keep playing COD and don't say a word, but my face basically says it all.
I look mad. I've looked mad ever since earlier.
"Carson what's wrong?" Amy questions.
I continue to ignore her.
"Answer me now!"
"Holy Amy, leave him alone!" Mitch yells.
"I'll handle it quickly." I whisper to Mitch.
I grab Amy's arm and drag her out to the kitchen.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm done with you. That's it. Don't talk to me anymore, kay Amy?" I tell her and then go to walk away.
"Wait, Carson, is it because..?"
I turn around again. "Because of what?"
"Because you love me?" Amy asks sadly.

NOTE: Alright whose POV next? Pick anyone. And please comment ONE name.

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  t e n

Kenny's POV
"Hey, Kenny!" I hear someone yell my name.
I was currently walking home from Mitch's house.
We played Black Ops 2 for most of the day.
I turn around to see Cole quickly putting a cigarette out, as if I didn't see him.
"What do you want, Cole?"
Honestly, I didn't like Cole. He lies to Amy too much.
"Amy and I broke up. Do you..have any pot?"
"Cole, really? You aren't into that stuff."
"Me and the guys want it." Cole smirks.
"I don't have any."
Cole glares at me. "Whatever, and oh yeah, Kenny? Stop telling Amy everything. Learn how to lie."
"Sorry, bro. I'm not you." I smirk before turning around and heading towards my house.
People know me as the honest guy.
But people don't know that much stuff about me at all.
Not even Mitch or Carson.
Something people don't know is that I was adopted, and when I found out I became diganosed with severe depression. Ever since, I've been into heavy drugs.
Sometimes I wonder how people never realize it.
To everyone I'm this happy, honest guy.
I'm really a broken guy.
I really don't want people to know about my past, so I fake everything.
I don't lie to people because I've been lied to practially my whole life.
Another thing probably bad for me is that, I think Amy is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Carson loves her though.
I don't think I'd ever try to get with her.
I mean sure she's beautiful, but there's plenty of girls out there for me.
And no one loves Amy more than Carson.

NOTE: I picked Kenny and next is Cole! So, this chapter was boring but since you all wanted to know about the mysterious Kenny, here's his past :D

More Than Friends
c h a p t e r / /  e i g h t

"You forgive me? What, why?" I ask.
"You basically just broke up with your boyfriend because you wanted me to be your best friend."
"Well yeah, I've known you for a long time. You've never lied to me and well, he has." I tell him honestly.
"I would never lie to you, Amy."
"Good, then can I ask you a question?"
"Shoot." He smirks.
Time to get you to lie, Carson....
"Who do you like?"
Carson's eyes go wide and when he goes to answer, my brother interrupts.
"Come on, Carson. Kenny is here and Black Ops awaits." Mitch smirks.
Carson sighs with relief and walks out. "Got to go, Amy!"
Ugh, I wonder what he was going to say..
Carson's POV
That was a close one.
"Thank god, Mitch. You just saved me!" I say to Mitch.
"Why what was going on?" Mitch asks.
"Amy just asked who I liked and I froze up." I tell Mitch and Kenny.
Yes, Mitch knows I'm in love with his sister. And Kenny is our best friend, so yeah he knows.
Even though he can't lie and hopefully she doesn't ask him.
"I think she heard me and you talking during study hall." Kenny says.
"Well for one, her face was as red as a tomato and she just asked who you liked. She definitely heard you." Kenny explains.
"I'll just tell her it was about someone else."
"I thought you would never lie to her?" Kenny and Mitch ask at the same time.
"I don't want to lie to her, but this is something I need to keep from her."
It would ruin our friendship..

NOTE: So whose POV for the whole chapter? It can be Amy, Cole, Mitch, Carson, or even Kenny.

It’s just so strange. You used to love me, and now you’re a stranger who happens to know all of my secrets.
Miley Cyrus could trust a whole town in Tennessee to keep her secret, but I can barely trust one person.
Seems legit.

I'm jealous
of those dark nights
that know all of
your 3 a.m. secrets.


I tasted happily ever after
but it turned bitter on my tongue.


No I'm an open book.
Everybody seems to know my
secrets before I know them


Fun History Fact: The overwhelming majority of cowboys in the U.S. were Indigenous, Black, and/or Mexican persons. The omnipresent white cowboy is a Hollywood studio concoction meant to uphold the mythology of white masculinity.
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