Self Quotes

Maybe I am the imposter
I always was.
I will put on a smile
It's okay
Don't mind me. Me, to my mind
I self-identify as having no identity.
I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
Don't tell me I must die and come back only in Spring
I want to breathe in the cold of winter and live in the tears of autumn
I want to watch cities crumble, and people rebuild what's left
There are meteors waiting to collide with us,
this is just the beginning.
I don't want to be a flower, I want to be an evergreen
I'm tired of having wilted petals, and tender hands caressing me
I am sturdy, I hold my own
I want to constantly renew myself until the rest of the world
doesn't stand a chance.
never lose /yourself/, never stop believing in /yourself/...even if the whole world is against you
I'm finally able to accept myself – provided I'm accompanied by two valid forms of ID.
"A most effective way for a person to keep away the stress from own life is to have around oneself always people very less and never those who are infatuated to own facial looks and/or dress."
~Anuj Somany

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