Best Selfharm Quotes Today

This is for all of you who need help and comfort.
I'm going to let you in on a piece of insight that only came from years and years of feeling just the same way you do. Honestly and truthfully, no one else's opinion matters. What's more is that all of those things you think people are judging you or hating you for are not true. It's not the outside world that's judging you so harshly, it's yourself. Now here's another thing to keep in mind: you, right now at this very moment, are a miracle. The very fact that you are taking in air to your lungs, that your eyes can blink and your mind can think and your body can move and function, defies all logic and is, in itself, the most magnificent thing ever to occur in the universe. Human life - your human life - is such a brilliantly wondrous thing, and that means that no matter what you do, you are defying the odds and being the best that you possibly can be. That is all you need, and the most important thing is that you can see that beautiful light in yourself. Once you do, you'll see that no one thought about you the way you feared, and you know what? Even if some blind and spiteful person does at some point think something mean, it doesn't matter. They are just a tiny particle in your vast world, and their eyes haven't been opened to the magic that is your existence. You are perfect, and you are wonderful.
If you ever need someone to vent to, I am always here for you. Always. And there is one particular website I want you to try: There are different parts to this website: "The Quiet Place" shows that you can live without things like your phone, laptop, stuff like that - it's life changing. "The 90 seconds relaxation exercise" will calm you down if you are feeling angry or overly stressed like many of us do. "The thoughts room" will let you vent freely, there is no limit, nobody will see it and it will be erased from existence as soon as you tap enter. And "the comfort spot" lets you vent (anonymously if you wish) and other strangers will comment and help you. You can also view other people's posts and help them out too. It's amazing and it's helped me so much, I know for sure it will help you too.

Sorry this was so long; but really, the website I mentioned does help so so so much, thank you for reading :) Please spread word.

The scars on my
wrists are not

they're just



Hush little baby,
Don't you cry.
Don't cut your arms,
Don't say goodbye.

Put down that razor,
Put down that light.
It may be hard,
But you'll win this fight.

A lot of people think that self harm is just cutting.
This isn't true though.
Cutting is just a common form.
there are other ways people self harm
that shouldn't be merely ingnored.
This includes:
-drug OD
-alchohol usage
- scratching
- anything else to cause direct harm to themselves
Self harm for me: scratching, stabbing my nails into the palms of my hands, banging my head against a wall multiple times causing headaches for a briedf perid of time and, twice, holding my breath until it feels like my lungs will explode.
Don't ignore the people who are hurting.
Reach out and make a difference.

format by dance818 (Preciousssssss)
He's the boy who's always smiling during the day,
He's the boy who always cuts his wrists at night.

You can't protect me,
Not even i can protect me.



the amount of scars
the way your stomach

d r o p s

when you know you really

s c r e w e d u p


i'll forget how

your smile

made your eyes

shine brighter

than the city lights

at night

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