Best Selfharm Quotes Ever

&Today, I am one month
cut free


if i had a raindrop for every day i loved you
it'd pour for hours

You've got scars on your wrists?
Don't worry, I won't judge you.

You've got burns on your thighs?
I won't judge you.

You have depression?
Still not judging.

Because no matter what you do,
I will always care and love you.

So I won't judge you because your past, present or future

Jerk at my school: Hey, guys , stop with the self harm jokes. You really need to cut it out.
Me: Hey, douche, how about you go stand in my shed where all the other tools are?

When people have self harmed...
Don't yell at them
Don't say you're disappointed in them
Don't say "cheer up" and expect anything out of that
Don't ignore them
F.cking talk to them and just be there for them
Listen to them
But seriously, don't yell at them
Youtube is so addicting.
One minute I'm watching a music video, then I'm learning how to make ice cream
One cut, Two cuts
Three cuts, Four;
Always deperate
For just one more.

Five pills, Six pills
Seven, Now eight;
Some meant for sleep,
Some to lose weight.

One eye closes
the other to follow,
Hoping this time it'll work,
as her breathing becomes hollow.

She drops to the floor,
as her hands uncurl.
Welcome to the life
of a Suicidal Girl.


Tomorrow I will be 2 weeks cut free.
That might not sound like much.. but I haven't lasted more than 3 days in the past 4 months until now. For once, I'm proud of myself.

1 in 5 teenagers suffer from depression
Do you still think depression is a joke? How many times did you tell yourself when you were little, when i grow up i want to be... What was your answer? What did all of the people around you answer? How many said they wanted to be depressed? That they wanted to selfharm? That they wanted to starve themselves? That they wanted to die? None right? No one said that?!? Yet people out there say we CHOOSE TO BE THIS WAY? Does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. No one said they wanted this to happen.... But we asked for it right? We cut for attention? That's why we hide it right? But again, it was our choice... We WANTED to be like this. No no we don't. Never once did i hear, "When i grow up... i want to kill myself" Nothing like that is ever said. So open up, look into people, save them from themself, and DON'T say we EVER wanted to be this way.

I'm up to 3 weeks. 3 weeks without a single cut.
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