Best Selfharm Quotes Ever

Me: I'm feeling quite good today
Body: How? you're fat
Self Harm: How? I'm on your arm as proof you are not
Mirror: How? Look at yourself
Paranoia: How? Your friends hate you
Mind: How? You're a total failure
Me: Oh, right, yeah.


"Say something, please." I pleaded desperately. I couldn't take the silence, it was just too much. You sat their quietly,  I wanted nothing more than you to scream, yell, at mesomething. The silence was suffocating, I could't bare it much longer. I reached out for you, a desperate attempt for contact that I so desperately craved. You pushed my hand away violently, turning around and backing me up against the wall. I could feel your body against mine, relishing in the contact—taking anything I could get. I flinched as you punched the concrete on the right side of my head; I bit my lip, willing the tears away. I wanted to cry out but I stayed silent, scared of what would happen.
"How long?" You whispered, your voice tight, thick with emotion. I didn't answer. "Answer me!" You shouted suddenly, pushing away from me. I missed your warmth instantly. "Tell me," You said, a cynical twist within your voice. "How long have you been slicing open your veins!" You reached out and yanked my arm forward, lifting up my sleeve. Tiny, pink lines littered all across my arms. Flawless, beautiful; disgusting, tragic. I bit my lip, contemplating my words.
"Years," I spoke weakly, a single tear streaming down my cheek. I glared down at the ground, scared of what awaited me when I looked up. After a few moments of silence, I forced myself to look you in the eyes. Once beatiful, brown eyes—now lifeless and dull. A heart wrenching feeling shot through me, knowing that it's because of me. "I'm sorry," I whispered, not knowing what else to say. "Please don't hate me. Please don't give up on me; I can't take it if you give up on me, too. Please." I knew I sounded desperate, I knew I sounded weak and pathetic but I didn't care. I closed my eyes, awaiting the sound of the door slaming; I counted the seconds
one, two, three, fourI gasped as I felt arms around my waist, holding me tightly. I closed my eyes tightly, a sob ripping through my chest. I wrapped my arms around your neck, burying my head in the crook of your neck, basking in the all-too familiar warmth that I have craved for far too long.
"I will never give up on you, beautiful." You whispered in my ear.

For the first time, I believed it.

You Cut?
then read this, and I might help <3
Cutting is an awfull thing to do :/ and it needs to be stoped.

Next Time You Feel Like Cutting..

 Someone who you really love and care about(boyfriend,girlfriend,family or even your idol)being in your bedroom and instead of yourself's them cutting themself and now they are covered in cuts, how would you feel? exactly... that's what the people around you think.

By cutting you will
> lose too much blood.
> get an infection.
> get addicted to it.


There were times I felt so anxious, almost like I

was crawling out of my skin - that If I didn't do

something physical to match the way I felt inside. I

cut myself to take my mind of that. I didn't care

what happened.I was fearless

-Demi Lovato
On cutting

If you are depressed you should go to a therapist,that's what Demi did and it helped her,and it will help you,I BELIEVE YOU


Those scars;
Will stay there for ever,and will be more visible when you get a tan,they will always remind you of the pain you were in at the time you cut, and what will you tell your children when they see them??

There are other ways to stop the pain,NOT SUICIDE, the pain in temporary and that is permament thing to do.

You can always talk to someone,I'm always here for you,I love you <33 and would be glad to help <33

You are


Stay Strong 

and Stop


I Love You <3

What doesn't kill you,
Sucks the air out of your lungs,
Scrapes the skin from your wrist,
And leaves you laying awake at 2am;
Wishing it had.
This is how my past April has gone. (Btw I know the month isn't finished yet I'm just gonna post this anyway)

The day before Spring Break let out I got introuble at school for making a fake twitter account using my teacher's name. That day I was so scared that I kept on quietly telling myself that I should just go die. Appearently my best friend heard me saying this. Fast forward to the first day back from Spring Break. On April 8 and 9 I was at home serving my suspension. On April 10 I went into school for an in-school suspension and I had to write an apology to my teacher. That same day my counselor told my mom and me that my BFF told the school I was depressed and suicidal. She sent us to a Outpatient Care Facility that helps teens and kids deal with school problems, depression, suicidal attempts and thoughts, self-harm, drug and alcohol problems, etc. There I met a man named Doug, who runs the facility and he helped me to quickly get enrolled into the program. Each day they serve us breakfast and lunch, give us 2 and 1/2 hours a day to do school work, and help us deal with our problems. I have been at my Care Center for 2 weeks now. Everyone there is very nice and helpful with my depression and suicidal thoughts. Through this experience I have lost friends and gain stronger relationships with some.

I thought I would bring this story to Witty. Look up facilities like this in your area. I know there are many people on here who struggle with these things and I hope that this little story can help you. I wish you all the best of luck.

I also just want to thank Cameron (Cammie on witty) for sticking with me through all this. Thank you <3

PS Sorry if I bore all of you.
Why would you
do this to yourself
you asked.

Softly, you caressed
the tainted surface
of my wrist, covered
in little pink lines.

Why, why, why, you 
whispered brokenly.

The same reason
you breathe, 
to stay alive.



my friend 
got dumped because her
boyfriend said he couldn't
handle dating a girl with
self-harm scars. She never
knew he was that shallow.



f o r m a t  j i m m y 3 6 5

Cutting deeper
Bleeding faster
Beating slower
Starting to Fade.


how am i supposed to do what i love

when everyone tells me im doing it wrong?

One by one,
I'll start to lose
all of those I
care about.

One by one,
the number
of scars on
my body 
shall grow.

One by one,
I'll lose every-
thing that I
keep near 
and dear
to my heart.

One by one,
day by day,
I will slowly
lose my mind.

One by one,
I'll just keep
getting closer,
and closer,
to the edge.

One by one.



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