Selfie Quotes

me: *gets over 50 likes on a selfie*
me: they like me! they really like me!

hey mom u mind helping me carry the stove to the bathroom i have to take a selfie

I spent 10 minutes today
Trying to explain to my grandma what
A selfie was
It wasn't the easiest job in the world

*Conversation between my future child and I*
Child: "Mom, how did you and daddy meet?
Me: "Well, it all started when he liked my embarassing selfie"

My spanish teacher sitting in front of his computer before class and the bell rings him
Him: "I'll teach you Spanish today....
But first let me take a selfie"

me: *opens camera about to take a selfie*
me: *realises how ugly i am*
me:* closes camera and acts like nothing happened*
When you take a super attractive picture of yourself and just stare at it for like twenty minutes admiring the way your face cooperated.
I have the
"I take too many selfies" syndrome

i wanna post a selfie but i don't wanna post a selfie cause i'm ugly but i wanna post a selfie do you see my problem

*takes 18 selfies*
*deletes 22 selfies*

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