Selfie Quotes

miley literally is a genius she did all of this sh-t at award shows and performances and made people talk about her for months, and her album ends up being #1 and breaking records and now she’s just sitting back at her house laughing about all the money/success she has and going back to taking selfies with her dogs. she’s so smart.

have you ever taken a selfie then at first you think wow i’m hot then like a minute later you look carefully at everything on your face and you realize you’re the ugliest person to ever inhabit the planet

"what are you getting all dressed up for"
"mom i’m taking a selfie" 

do u ever associate someone with their icon so much that you just assume that they’re the same gender as their icon or something and then they post a selfie and ur like wait you’re not thomas the tank engine
me: *gets over 50 likes on a selfie*
me: they like me! they really like me!

hey mom u mind helping me carry the stove to the bathroom i have to take a selfie

I spent 10 minutes today
Trying to explain to my grandma what
A selfie was
It wasn't the easiest job in the world

*Conversation between my future child and I*
Child: "Mom, how did you and daddy meet?
Me: "Well, it all started when he liked my embarassing selfie"

My spanish teacher sitting in front of his computer before class and the bell rings him
Him: "I'll teach you Spanish today....
But first let me take a selfie"

me: *opens camera about to take a selfie*
me: *realises how ugly i am*
me:* closes camera and acts like nothing happened*
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