Selfie Quotes

My spanish teacher sitting in front of his computer before class and the bell rings him
Him: "I'll teach you Spanish today....
But first let me take a selfie"

When you take a super attractive picture of yourself and just stare at it for like twenty minutes admiring the way your face cooperated.

i wanna post a selfie but i don't wanna post a selfie cause i'm ugly but i wanna post a selfie do you see my problem

*takes 18 selfies*
*deletes 22 selfies*

*deletes selfie like it never happened*

liking someone's selfie takes two seconds and it boosts their self esteem by 203948204

no, I will not take a selfie with you.
our angles aren't compatable.

the song "lemme take a #selfie" sums up pretty much
everything i hate about this generation
Anyone wanna buy me an ipod that is'nt smashed.
I'd like one to pretend im a model/photographer selfie queen.

That moment when you don't look good in a selfie #firstworldproblems

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