Selfies Quotes

you're gonna regret not texting me
back when i drop this selfie


Didn't selfie sticks used to be called friends?

*Fire occurs*
Me: OH SH*T!!
Me: *Takes a bunch of pics*
Me: *Uploads the pics on every social media site*
Me: I should probably call for help...

Another day,
 Another seflie.

liking someone's selfie takes two seconds and it boosts their self esteem by 203948204

Taking All These Pictures, But Yet You Can Never Find The Perfect One...
~That's Me~
l bet Medusa used to take selfies 
and send em to people she disliked like
surprise you little b*tch
sending your selfies to NASA because you're a star
how do people take ten thousand selfies i cant even take one without wanting to burn my face off
my mirrors all like 'youre sooo pretty sometimes' but the cameras lik'ur ugly go die'
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