Selfies Quotes

a selfie a day keeps everyone away

How is it possible for some people to take amazing selfies,
when I just can't hold the camera in front of my face?

i wish the mirror and my photos could
agree on how I look


takes: 120 selfies
deletes:120 selfies
loses: 5 minutes of your life
gains: insecurity about yourself and how you look.


i  don't get why people always take selfies using the mirror
like seriously, have you ever heard of the magical button that let's you reverse the camera. 

hell is a room where the wallpapers are all your failed selfies


Has anyone else ever noticed that

every single girl everywhere has a certain face they do in every selfie.



we should be
allowed to submit our favorite selfie for school yearbook photos
instead of having to do picture day.

                                                          *breaks into an art museum and staples my selfies on all the artwork*

So I just realized that my laptop has a webcam and spent the last 20 minutes taking selfies.
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