Selfinjury Quotes

"Damn boy you done good, did every little thing that you could."
"The hardest part isn't finding what we need to be, it's being content with who we are."
-The Ataris
It's kind of scary when you realize that the act of self harm, or cutting or marking your skin, isn't even considered abnormal or disturbing anymore,
and that its instead viewed as romantic and appealing to people....people talk about cutting as though they are talking about what their favorite color is, like it's nothing....they list it as part of their profile description or personality....the whole thing is weird, because most people who truly harm themselves, hide it from people because of shame....and if they do tell some people, its because they want support, not attention for doing it
Why is cutting yourself portrayed as beautiful on social media sites? I do not get this at all-Since when is having self inflicted marks on your skin, a form of beauty?
I have self harmed before, no one thought it was cool, edgy or beautiful. I was embarrassed and shamed for cutting myself. My parents thought I was crazy for doing it.
No one ever said "poor you" No one ever even asked me if I was okay when they found out I cut myself...I have now been free of self harm for a year and a half now. The scars I used to have on my wrists, have faded. I don't miss them. I feel more confident now that I don't have scars. Cutting isn't pretty, cute, lovely, special or beautiful. People cut because they are in some kind of pain.....that isn't beautiful, to be in so much pain, that you inflict harm on your time, thin about who you influence when you talk about cutting like its cool....cutting is a real problem....and there is nothing cool about it
Self harm is not beautiful
Self harm is not romantic
Do you know how much pain someone has to be in to purposefully harm themselves?
Do not make jokes about people who cut or harm themselves
This is a really serious thing, people all over the world go through self injury type behaviors every day
Lots of people think its cute to label themselves as "cutters or self harmers"
They go on Tumblr and other sites and post graphic pictures of scars or sucidial messages
They talk about how much they hate themselves
You know what is really scary about this?
The fact that people are drawn to images of scars, self harm and suicide
I'll be honest, there are moments in my life I have thought of suicide
I have self harmed before-but no matter how bad I feel, the thought of committing suicide, just scares the heck out of me
I don't understand how people can treat these serious issues like teenage phases or quirks
Having scars on your arms isn't beautiful, its humilating
Cutting doesn't give you a sense of pride, it makes you hurt even more
Cutting doesn't make you special, lots of people cut themselves, sadly
If you don't really self-harm, and you post things claiming you do, if you think you are being edgy or unique,
let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT.
Stop romanticizing the pain of another person
Self harm is painful, that's all it is, there is nothing endearing, lovely or pretty-about self harm

Sometimes I consider asking for help...               
But no one would believe me
                         I'm too fat to have an eating disorder


Puke and starve and cut because                   

               they're the only things I can do well.

i want to tell someone. i really, really want to tell someone. but i'm scared and i don't know how. what if they tell me im crazy? or what if they put me in a hospital? im reaching for recovery, but recovery is scary...
i am so sick of being lied to.
you dont deserve to live
go die
no one likes you
youre such a
you act like such a b.itch
stop being so annoying
no one wants to talk to you
you wouldnt be missed
you could just kill yourself and the world would be happy

thanks, person in chat
because i dont think about this enough
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