Seriouslytho Quotes

it takes more than blood to be family.
applying to jobs is the never-ending
circle of hell that no one should have
to endure. 
me: *posts a full body picture of me
as my profile picture on facebook for
the first time because I'm learning to
love myself.*
got to see my sister for the first
time in two years.

zoloft? more like always sleepy and still extremely anxious. amiright?

me: *doesn't wanna do the thing*
me: I'll do the thing.
someone: good, you have to.
me: HAVE to?? um, no booboo.
me: just for that, I'm not gonna do the thing.
me: *wasn't even gonna do the thing.*

I went to the doctor's the other
day for anxiety. she basically said 
I had no clue what anxiety was. then
blamed everything on me being
r.aped, despite struggling with 
anxiety for forever. and compared
me to her the entire time. got the
meds but not really all that willing
to talk about any of my problems,
ugh, I miss him.
I really want a funnel cake,
but no one will go to the fair
for me to get one.

I did a bad thing. a very
bad thing. why, why can't
I have better control over
my impulses.

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