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Holy hell.
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now i got you attention please have a go at my

1. Whats better? only pick 1
a. one diction (x)
b. Justing bieber()
c. David guetta ()

2. Whats your personalty? only pick 1
A. you're creepy and very self confident, your nice but you dnot realize your smile is the sun to everyone! You are shy but can be very brave! ()
B. You're strong willed and confiednt, you're not scred to speak you mind()
C. Your fearless, you think the world of yourself, you will never think badly of yourself()
D. You're a mystery, you're self confident one second but the next you an amazing fearless sexy person! (x)

3. what type of fears do you have? you can pick 1-4
a. Very silly fears which make me who i am! ()
B. normal everyday fears(x)
C. No fears, i' too cool to fear()
D. I'm scared of the most humiliting things! ()

4. What are you humilited about? can be 1-7
A. your parents, super annoying (x)
B. your figuer (x)
C. Your sexualty ()
D. people finding out your secrets(x)
E. your dreams()
F. Everyday stuff like everyone else()
G. Dancing, singing or doing something wrong in PUBLIC!!!()

5. Which is better? only be 1
A. black ()
B. Red()
C. pink()
D. blue(x)
E. yellow()
F. White()
G. Orange()
H. other()

A. you are an amazingly in love with 1D they're your Earth!
B. You love JB you think he's super hot!!! Your a pop lover!
C. Your a rap lover and a david guetta girl !

A. Your a lovely person but your not confident enough to be stand in public, Your amazing and your loved good luck in life! Try becoming more ocnfident by smiling and imaging, when standing up infront of people, that you are yelling the words of a cliff and you image the audience aren't there!
B. You need to be a bit more down to Earth but you are amazing and be been yourself just tune your ego down!
C. YOu too are amazing but you need to tune yourself down a bit!
D. Keep being yourself even if you sometimes dont feel perpaired to show yourself!

a. you are perfectly ok to fear this! But just remember standing up to your fears will make you fearless!
B. You're just a down to Earth kind of person congratz.
C. TOO COOL TO FEAR YOUR MAD! everyone fears atleast 1 thing.
D. You need to up yourself a bit face your fears!

A. Dont worry everyones parents can be humiliting one day you might be one!
B. it's ok to be humilited or embrassessed about that just keep holding your head up!
C. It doesn't matter if your gay,bi or straight dont be humilited about that! Dont hide it embrass it!
D. If you hide that humiliting than dont tell anyone your secrets and if you already have try and make sure that person doesn't give that secret to ANYONE make them Promise on their life not too!
E. SOmetimes dreams can be humiliting but just dont thing about it! i know its hard but listen to music that will help!
F. You are not that easily humilited so keep it up!
G. Thats ok to be humilited about everyone will go though that but just get back up on the house!

A. You're a dark person but mysterious person. you can have a good side! But your dead romantic and you are in love with fallen angels, vampires or something mythic.
B. You are unique and amazing but you will always be a lover of love, anger, and romance!
C. your girly, even if your a boy you have a senitive side and your girly.
D. You're smooth kind person with a snobish side but that doesn't matter!
E. you are bee you are amazingly bubbly and happy.
F. you're head is up in the sky you realxed and filled with talent even if you dont know it!
G. You're a strong person with a mysterious side!
H. You are a smooth talker, a bit of a flirt but you are really caring!

Please copy this and put your own answers thats what this is for or but what you got below thanks you!
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I'm ,Tate
I'm dead.       
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f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3


S is for the simple need
E is for the ecstacy 
X is to mark the spot 

Because that's the one you really need 

    Smart never goes out of style

♥ ♥ ♥
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