Shy Quotes

my heart went squiggly and shy

sometimes quiet is violent


In a city of fools
I was careful and cool
but they tore me apart like a 
h u r r i c a n e


 It's a little bit funny
this feeling inside
I'm not one of those
who can
easily hide


I could have sworn I saw the light in her.
Whenever she'd smile..she'd glow!
It was like winter and darkness had come only to accomodate her sunshine,
nd when you're a kid, when you think happy: you think sun, you think summer.
And that's just the type of person she was,
she captured the very essence of happiness - well for me at least. If you told her that
she'd simply shake her head with an embarrassed blush, muttering something along the lines of
"No, I'm the opposite of glowing, I barely sparkle."

I want to be noticed....but I have never been comfortable with how will this work?

I'm very shy,Ā and I don't like big crowds.

All I want is a girlfriend like Sa5m from bandslam

Shy humble precious unique

I think that is to much to ask now days

I don't hide behind the word 'shy' like it's an excuse. It's not even an excuse, it's apart of me. It's a part of my genetic makeup. Being shy is one of my characteristics. I can try to be more loud every once in a while, but that's not going to stop me from instinctively growing quieter and more reserved when I'm in a new environment. You can't just tell me to stop being shy. Do you really expect that to help? If it was that easy don't you think it would have stopped by now? I get that it's weird and hard for people who aren't shy to understand, so if you're one of those people, and you ever told someone to stop being shy, just stop for a moment and realise what you're actually asking. You're not asking that person to stop clicking their pen because it's annoying. You're telling them to not be something they are probably insecure about, and have zero control over.

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