Sigh Quotes

Baby, you gave up.

I don't want to share
you. It's dawned on me today that I'm not the only one
enchanted by you. I see it in your eyes and I see it in their eyes
when they look at you. I hear it in the way they say your name.
But it's not the same. It's not the way that I look at you
and the way I say your name. I'm more than just enchanted
by you; you've completely stolen my heart with every little thing
that you do.
They don't love you the way I do.
Sure, they may be attracted to you and sure you might
make them laugh, but I doubt that they'll be there for you at 2 am
when you want someone to talk to. They won't know how
to make you feel better and they won't listen the way I would.
Your flaws would be an annoyance to them, but to me, I cherish
them. The way you look insane when you're laughing
and they way you eat like an uncaged lion.
They're my favorite things about you.
You're too blind to see
this. Maybe I'm good at hiding my feelings but I've been'
told they're usually written all over my face; how can you not see
it? I say your name as if you created the heavens and I gaze
at you as a stargazer would watch the night
Long story short, I love you, you'll never know, but I wish
you did.
askldjskaljdlsa i'm so UGH i used to have so many friends on this website and i was close to so many people but they all left and it's like for most of them i still have ways to contact them (twitter, tumblr, etc) but i'm just so SCARED to message them and i don't know why even though i miss them SO MUCH and i really only talk to like two people i was close to on this site years ago that have left or aren't as active but i take MONTHS to reply and idk what is wrong with me so i just leave comments on their profiles hoping they'll log in one day and we can connect again instead of messaging them on another site because nothing's the same as witty comments and CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE I'M SO lksjadlksa 
& they all say "bands save lives",
but you know what? i feel like my favorite band ruined me. i don't know if i'd ever tell this to someone who was a fan of this band i shall not mention. i don't know if it's the social networks i use involving them that cause me to be like this or what, but i am not the same person as i was before -- and that's a bad thing. i want to say i hate them, i always tell myself i hate them, but i don't really hate them -- i hate what they do to me. honestly, sometimes they make me so happy i cry, i cry because they're no longer together, i cry because their existence is fading from this earth. i've always been a fairly sensitive person, but i feel like my sensitivity has only gotten worse when it comes to this band. as in, i get jealous and cry over concerts, i get jealous over people with more merchandise than me, hell, i get jealous of the band members' wives. i hate how much i think about them every day and think about how much they've become a part of me, and i believe it's scary. i get so emotional over them because i love them so much, but it's so unhealthy. i know so many people look up to this band and appreciate them, and they actually make them genuinely happy. in my opinion, however, this band has done nothing for me -- nothing for me besides lead me to become unrealistic, ungrateful, even more unsatisfied with my life and myself than i was before. i always feel horrible knowing that i'm not as financially well off as some other fans, as in i don't feel like a real enough fan since i've been to zero concerts and own very little merchandise, later to leave me feeling like a selfish brat. i always feel awful about myself after daydreaming about being one of the band members' girlfriends -- and feel yet even more horrible knowing there's only one person i know personally who i'd want to be with besides them. when i first started listening, i wasn't ready for this. i miss last summer at this time, when i was only merely a casual fan. i feel trapped, like i'll feel empty if i eliminate them completely. if you read all of this, thank you, but i need help.

Quiet is violent


There's no need
to endure anymore





I like to act happy even

though I'm sad because

maybe if I act happy

then people will like

me and then maybe I

really will be happy.


you sat down
next to me and I
think I forgot how
to breathe

Credit To panacea*

It's like we never knew each other at all.

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