Best Sigh Quotes This Week

i literally never had a stage where i thought boys were icky and gross
i've literally been chasin the d since fresh out the womb


This one's for all of the Wittians
that thought of a brilliant quote but forgot it when they went to post it. You're in our prayers and our hearts. <33

throwback to the time when my grandma bought me a stuffed animal for easter when i was 6 that came with a tag with a code for the internet for a virtual world called "Webkinz" and started my so far 8 year internet addiction. thanks grandma, i love it. can i return it or is it too late?
have you ever taken a selfie then at first you think "wow i'm hot" then like a minute later you look carefully at everything on your face and you realize you're the ugliest person to ever inhabit the planet.

me: *sees Back to School advertisements*
me: *screams*

Brother: Yo momma so stupid, she was locked in a mattress store and fell asleep on the floor. 
Other Brother: Yo momma so fat, when she walks in high heels, she strikes oil. 
Mom: Yo momma so stupid, she got pregnant four times and didn't put any of them up for adoption 


your irst love
isn't always the first person you kiss, or the first person you date. Your first love is the person who you will always compare everyone else to. the person who you will never truly get over, even when you've convinced yourself you've already moved on.
Witty Logic:

Wittian: Witty needs more members!
Friend: Witty *Looks over Wittian's shoulder* What's that?
Wittian: *X's out of window like it's p
òrn* It's uh... It's... Nothing. It's nothing.

do you ever roll up your sleeves to wash your hands and
one of the sleeves starts slipping down like it's
attracted to the water and all you can think is “dont you f/cking dare”


it always rains

the most sun.

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