Sky Quotes


you're a sky full of stars
such a heavenly view



there is bravery in being soft

you belong among the wildflowers
you belong in a boat out at sea
sail away, kill off the hours
you belong somewhere you feel free

love your imperfections, every angle
tomorrow comes and goes before you know

~The sky never fails to satisfy me everyday. I dont understand how one could not be as amazed as i am.. maybe its because i aspire to be an artist? Because every life has a story? ...But the vibrant colors and the strokes of the clouds is what pleases me. It's like a naive way of showing God is powerful without doing any harm. He can bring us hell, but He also brings us peace. The sky is like a painting as a gift, no human could ever create this masterpiece. 😍 I am in love, not just with a human, but with Him as well.~
The sun may leave for some time, but it always comes back shining again the next day. Will you do the same with me?

i'm just a little bit caught in the middle
life is a maze, love is a riddle

bring colour to my skies

there's dread in my heart 
and fear in my bones


you were made of the sky
do you remember that?

Before they told you
what you were supposed to be
Before they destroyed
your elegant wings.
Before they tricked you
and chained you to an idea
to a prison they made for you
branded you with a label, with pain
Tried to remold you
into something
easier for them
to understand.

But your blood
didn’t let you
forget, did it?

The taste of the sky,
The memories of flying
to the horizon just to kiss
the sun before he fell asleep.

Once Apollo himself loved you
so much, that he softened
the sun’s heat so it could
not melt your wings.
He is still waiting for you
to remember who you were
before they turned you
into something they understood.

Come, you have always known
what it would take
to eat those chains,
to fly free again.
Nothing about this
was ever going to be easy
Freedom was built
on backs and bones and blood.

Take the thing
that is owed to you.
Forge new wings
in the belly of betrayal.
Watch them quiver
as you rise again,
this time breathing fire
your spine made of fury.
Show them what happens
when they try to take the voice
from those born of the sky
Become your own battlecry.

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