Sleep Quotes

Sometimes my brain forgets what sleep is, and it just keeps going and going and going and going on and on and on and on and on and on
6:30: wake up to talk to you till you have to go and today you left 8:15 so i guess i'm sleeping that time then
8:15 (ig): sleep.
10:40: wake up and talk however long 


The way you clutch me 
close within your grip
and rest your heaatop mine

The way you trame 
and make surwon't leave 
by throwing youleovemy bod
pulling mifirmly
The way I get up earlier than you 
and try to quietly craw

ouobenotwake you, 
yet you stilwake and 
find myself being pulled by you
right back intbed, 
into your 
tight clutch once again. 
yowakup and look at how I'fulldressed, and still you open youarmwide beckoninfome 
to  come  lay  with  you.
i need to sleep but my mind wont let me. is it really back to these days??
There's a gap in my heart
That can't be filled.
There's a monster in my head
That won't be killed.
There's a ache in my throat
That won't go away.
There's a burning in my lungs
That wants to stay.
I keep it inside,
Save for when I sleep,
Cause when I close my eyes
The demons will creep.
my head hurts whenever i blink. images of you flash before my eyes. and i'm afraid that when i sleep, i will dream of us. and when i wake, tears will be in my eyes as i remember it was fake. 
i can't sleep because i have dreams of you. they give me happiness until i remember that you left me and you don't deserve my dreams anymore.
                  i need sleep 
                  but i need
                  you more

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