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a letter for when you're lonely, lovely

if you'll do me a favour and entertain the multiverse theory for a second, yes? because then somewhere out there, somehow, logic demands that there is an earth counterpart that is parallel in all ways but coincidencentally not. there's an earth out there where we were born as neighbours, and we built that treehouse together, the scars of scrapes on our knees mirrors of each other. and there's an earth out there where, after you finally got free of the friend group that made you miserable, you didn't have to sit alone because i could sit beside you and grab you another bottle of water when i got up to get us napkins. there's an earth out there where late nights staring at a laptop screen were late nights marathoning tv shows together. there's an earth out there where hugs are immediate, where smirks across the room are the norm, where 'meeting a friend later' is meeting and not just talking to. there's an earth out there where the distance doesn't exist.
if we got to meet on this earth, an earth with oceans between us, then sure as hell we took them by storm on another where we met when we were five. 

sincerely, one day i'll fly and hug you on this one, too
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