Small Quotes

'Small is beautiful' is big and getting bigger.
I don't really know why I bother talking. 
I get talked over by everyone I care about. 
I barely have a voice. 
I'm a listener. 
I'm to quiet. 
you make me feel so small but
you make me feel wanted.
 "A gentleman has certainly a class,but he is most probably not one who is posting own picture online relentlessly for likes votes and praising oneself only by standing in front of mirror or glass."
~Anuj Somany

Donald trump is honestly frightening. He's never answered a single question straight up, and he's basically the villain in every superhero movie. What's even more scary, though, is that people are actually going to vote for him. What's really scary, is that he might win.

Let me just go over this quickly with you guys, by showing you something I saw online.

Donald Trump.
Donald T.
Don T.

Glad we had this discussion. 

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But the world seems so small from here.


   dont let little stupid 
   things break your 


Anxiety breathes through my veins now,
like oxygen I struggle to breathe and talk.
It hurts to talk , it hurts cause it was like,
a straight sucker punch to the chest,
was there ever a word for that?
When you gasp for all the air you used to have.
but lose it all in one minute, because one phrase.

Small thought in a big moment. 

They say, my thoughts and words are deep.
But, really the words are in the whims of
reality, describing and deciphering,
the truth of the world, which will never be

uncovered at all.

Small note. 

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