Smell Quotes

Listen more than you speak, sniff more than you listen.
We don't smell things as they are, we smell them as we are.
Sillage. (n.)
The scent that lingers in air.
The trail left in water.
The impression made in space after something or someone has been and gone.
The trace of someone's perfume.
Pronunciation | 'sE-yazh
*le Swedish accent*


Big summer blow out
Honestly, rain makes me feel so good. Like, the sound is amazing, the smell is incredible, and I love standing in it.
ah, the sweet smell of wifi 

That moment when you smell a random scent and it flashes you back into an old, lost memory from your brain.

Don't stand so close to me.
'Cause is I get just one more whiff of the cologne on your body.
I might just go insane.

natasha smells like fried peanuts

fave if you like fried peanuts <3
Pouring half the bottle of downy in the laundry just so my clothes can smell good.
Lmaoo . cx
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