Snapchat Quotes

If the snapchat filters can't make me cute nothing can
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*Snapchating my boyfriend*
"Why did you screenshot that?"
"Because you looked soooo cute"
How did I get this lucky?
My mom calls Snapchat "Snipchip"
and that's the cutest thing ever

my boyfriend: *Snapchats me a photo of himself in a blanket with the caption "I'm freezing come hold me"*

me: *Snapchats him back with the caption: "lmao no bye"*

i'm a great girlfriend

Officer: Ma'am, how fast were you going?
Me: Well, my Snapchat selfie says 65 mph...
Officer: omg add me


me a couple months ago when my crush Snapchats me: “OMG HE SNAPCHATTED ME OMG WHAT IS IT"
me now when he Snapchats me: "lmao what does this fcker want now"

kik, wattpad, instagram, snapchat
follow for lots of cookies.
Snapchat me. thgcfmh123.

Ill bring cookies.


is it bad that today  marks a
second   time   teenage  boys
have  taken a  picture  of me
via the Micky D's drive-thru?

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