Socks Quotes

roses are gray
violets are gray
i ate your socks
have a nice day
I was saving up money to get someone in my family something nice. but then my family annoyed me as a whole. so I just spent multiple hundred dollars on myself. even though I should probably have kept all that money due to the fact I won't have a job soon. but whatevs. can't stop won't stop.

My name is:

Your Mom

I'd love to tell you about:
Your Dirty Socks

You'll never
guess what
I found
in my
sock last
Go ahead-



you knock my socks off... and everything else ;) hahaha
I like the socks that I'm wearing right now

And maybe everyone
is an ordinary sock.
We're worn down,
we sometimes even
develop some holes.
We're thrown into
a washer, a cleanser,
and yet we fail to get
rid of our stains. The
washer, much like our
friends, can't get rid
of our dirty sock residue.
The stains remain. Just
like our scars and much
like bad memories do.
When I was little I thought that socks always had to go on either your left foot or right foot and since I somehow always got it right I thought I was a wizard.
f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3 *KEEP CREDIT* 

*at church* (Don't ask me why, we were making 

pancake things, so I went.)

Me: *Feels something in my sock, so takes off shoe 

and sock to get it out*

Mum: *looks at me funny* What the heck are you 


Me: Getting something out of my sock.

Mum: Put your sock back on you're making us look

like a family who loves to take off our shoes and

socks in public.

Me: Df?

That annoying wet spot that suddenly appears on the floor when you happen to be wearing socks
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