Someone Quotes

I know you've been hurt
by someone else
I can tell by the way you carry yourself

space is just a word
made up by someone 
who's afraid to get 
too close

Trying something new
watch me shine.
It's hard to conceive that somebody like you
could be with someone like me
You stay in love like vacation homes, you like summers on the sunny coast, but when the cold needs a winter coat you say you will until you don't.

I hope you will find someone to cry for, someone to try for, someone to turn your crooked roads into her streets; someone to fight for, someone to die for; someone whose arms will hold you tight enough to be the reason you breathe.

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I need a best friend. Someone that actually wants a genuine bestie. Someone that will go on roadtrips with me. Someone that will go on adventures with me. I want to see America, I want to see the world. I want to go to hawaii and cliff dive, and I want a "ride or die" beside me. I just.. I need a best friend.

I would save myself because I have no left to save
I said to that someone.

Someone was holding a sign up that said
" if you could save anyone who would it be?"

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