Sometimes Quotes

As humans we ruin everything we touch, including each other
i keep my heart held deep within me so that its fibers never snag and yes the risk is so much lower but god the pain is so much worse

It's alright to cry
even my dad does sometimes
So don't wipe your eyes
tears remind you you're alive


No matter how many coins you toss into the fountain, or how many fingers you cross, if its not meant to be, it won't happen.

Sometimes, I wish I could go back in life. Not to change things, just to feel a couple things twice.
Sometimes I feel so alone, like I was meant to fight this on my own...


                   ...I just don't care.

She said, "I don't drink""But sometimes I need a stiff drink""Sipping from a high, full glass""Let the world fade away"She said, "I don't smoke""But sometimes I need a long drag""Yeah, I know it might sound bad""But sometimes I need a smoke break"

and I'll

Fall Down

and I'll

Break Down

and I'll

Fake You Out..

supposedly the world was supposed to end this year. Didn't they say that last year? And the year before that... And the year before that... *trails off repeating the same line*
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