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"𝐼 𝒽𝒢𝓋𝑒 π“Œπ’Άπ“ˆπ“‰π‘’π’Ή π“‚π‘œπ“ˆπ“‰ π‘œπ’» π“‚π“Ž 𝓁𝒾𝒻𝑒
π“…π“π’Άπ“Žπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” π‘”π’Άπ“‚π‘’π“ˆ 𝓉𝒽𝒢𝓉 𝐼 π“€π“ƒπ‘’π“Œ 𝐼'𝒹 π“π‘œπ“ˆπ‘’
𝐿𝑒𝓉 𝓂𝑒 π“ˆπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” π“‰π‘œ π“Žπ‘œπ“Š
π’₯π“Šπ“ˆπ“‰ π“ˆπ’Ύπ“‰ 𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒, π’Ήπ‘œπ“ƒ'𝓉 π“‚π‘œπ“‹π‘’
𝐼 π’Ώπ“Šπ“ˆπ“‰ π“Œπ’Άπ“ƒπ“ƒπ’Ά π“Œπ’Άπ“ˆπ“‰π‘’ π“ˆπ‘œπ“‚π‘’ 𝓉𝒾𝓂𝑒 π“Œπ’Ύπ“‰π’½ π“Žπ‘œπ“Š"

~SαιηΡ‚ AΡ•σηια

i might only have one match
but i can make an explosion


i don't really care about what they say im gonna come back like a boomerang

Is it just me or is every song on the radio nowadays just annoying? 

Wish I could go
back to the early 2000's

you're so cold

But you feel alive - Space B


it's funny how 

I've always liked this song, but it's terrible that I can now relate to it. 

Eminem - Space Bound

Are you aware

of what you make me feel, baby? Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real. 

Eminem - Space Bound

You take the breath

right out of me and
left a hole where my heart should be

Eminem - Space Bound

"JυΡ•Ρ‚ Ρ‚Ρ”Ζ–Ζ– ΠΌΡ” ωΠ½Ρ”η I
cαη σρΡ”η ΠΌΡƒ Ρ”ΡƒΡ”Ρ•
αηΙ— ΡΡ”αΖ–ιzΡ”
I'νΡ” Ι—ιΡ”Ι—"


"𝓒π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“ͺ π“Όπ“²π“·π“·π’†π“»,
𝓬π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“ͺ π“Όπ“ͺ𝓲𝓷𝓽
𝓣𝒆𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“²π“½'𝓼 π“Έπ“Ώπ’†π“»,
𝓡𝓡 π“Όπ“½π“²π“΅π“΅ π“΅π“Έπ“Ώπ’† π”‚𝓸𝓾 π“½π“±π’† π“Όπ“ͺ𝓢𝒆
𝓒π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 π“Άπ’† π”‚𝓸𝓾𝓻 π’‡π“ͺ𝓿𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓽𝒆,
𝓬π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“½π“±π’† π”€π“Έπ“»π“Όπ“½
𝓡 π“Άπ’† π“²π“½'𝓼 𝓸𝓿𝒆𝓻,
 π“­π“Έπ“·'𝓽 π”€π“ͺ𝓷𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 π“½π“Έ π“±π“Ύπ“»π“½"


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