Sorrynotsorry Quotes

The difference between coffee and your opinion is I asked for coffee.

"Oh my goodness! How do you speak such good English?!"

Imperialization and colonization.

You talk so much to your friends,
But wont say sh/t to my face.
I not only write tiny, but I type tiny too! 
Your face just cracks me up.

I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue all the time.
If you don't like The Fray I probably don't like you

how do people even mess up movie adaptations there's literally a written
plot all set out for you with character descriptions and dialogue

I'll say,
"I'm Sorry,"
but I
don't feel
sorry for

-We are the in crowd

"Carry Me Home"
|Guaranteed to Disagree

Me waking up from a nap looking for food

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