Special Quotes

"I'm just trying to figure out why she's attached to me"
~~~Because you care for her, you've been around since day 1, its easy for her to talk to you, you guys are close and she doesnt want to share you. They're the same reasons why a girl gets attached to their bf so easily. Unless he doesnt give a million damns about you as much as he says he does and then you try to convince yourself its okay, as long as youre there, its okay but really its not because he still doesnt give a damn. Sure, we get attached, but it's because we think you care. Because you once did or told us you did. And when you don't, we freak out wondering why we aren't worth your time to care about us~~~
I don’t know if I’m good or evil, but I know I’m special.
Mommy told me so.
There will always be someone who is tired of the man/woman that you want....

No one is special
It's like the blind
leading the blind,
I'll hold your hand

if you hold mine;

Sometimes you gotta close your eyes if you wanna see the light.

each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
something lovely that bloomed from her beautiful mind


When a girl says she like me

Me: Do you love Lana Del Rey?!

Her: No

Me: *walks away*
There used to be a time when you knew I was truly happy by just looking at me.
I had the biggest smile in the world.
Now the smiles are just smirks, hardly real and just enough to be polite. 
A smile means nothing now as it's what I hide behind. 
You can't just look at me anymore, you have to listen.
Listen for laughter, because if you hear that, 
Then you'll know I'm really happy. Because for that moment I really am.
I forget about everything and let my guard down. 
There's not very many people that can make me laugh anymore,
But if you are one of those people, You are truly special to me. 
I hope you realize that. 
I'm Not a Crybaby

I'm The Crybaby.
Format by Breeze

Tend to
do my
Best when
Everything goes

-A Day to Remember "Sometimes you're the Hammer, Sometimes you're the Nail"|Common Courtesy

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