Spelling Quotes

My biggest fear is dissapointing the people I care about
The fact that this website doesn't have spell-check makes me question how I ever won a spelling bee 
Those teachers that tell you to look the word up in the dictionary if you don't know how spell it. 
How am I supposed to look up the word if I can't spell it? 
I spell words how I think they should be spelled. Get over it.
That moment when you rap a song perfectly

That moment when you create
A spelling mistake on a quote
And you don't notice it till
few hours later


Whenever I spell something wrong in a quote, I always shame myself afterwards.
When I was little,
the only way I remembered
how to spell vegetable was
get - your -veg -at - the - table
rearrange those babies and 
instant word done. 
You're welcome.

(I take cash only.)
So like, there was this pretty girl that walked into the room. She was absolutely gorgeous. I asked for her name, and she introduced herself as Angel.
I looked at her name tag. It said Angle.
I love Santa or I love Satan

Spelling means everything.
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