Spiritual Quotes

The universe is really giving back lately. While some of what has come my way has been difficult, I will accept whatever comes my way with open arms
You are searching happiness outside, when in reality it is inside! How would you ever find it?
You may see Me as the “Skin”, but I am the One that lives Within!
Your Life of Today is the unfolding of your actions of Yesterday, and will determine the Destiny of Tomorrow.
Man will live and man will die, The body will burn but the Soul will fly, But before this happens, man must ask why, “Why am I here and who am I?

True Prayer is not just Talking to God, but rather Listening to Him.

True Love is Bliss, not just a Kiss. Discover what true love is! 
Think of Today, not Tomorrow. It's time to be Happy! Don't live a life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad, And eliminate those that make you Sad.
There is a factor unknown to man... That makes results fail, though he thinks he can. He tries his best with all his zest... But in the end, he fails the test.
In the Wind that Blows, the Water that Flows, the Sun that Glows, Feel God, Experience God, Realize God! 
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