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My dream has always been simple. A day job that ends when I clock out. A three bedroom house with a garage. An SUV parked in the driveway. The garage doubles as my home gym and dance studio. A massive mirror. My room, a study and the smallest room a kareoke room. That's it. Responsible only to myself. Answering only to myself. Living only for myself. To enjoy my life. That's the dream.

viewed through sleep stained eyes, in a space between imagination and reality, a message was received: if you're tired or if you're having a difficult time you can come back to me anytime. you should know that.

👉You are the master of yourself, do not accept
injustice and preserve your dignity👈
Do not wait anyone ⬅
Do not wait anything⬅
everything is coming ⬅💯
think how to reach ⬅✔
believe that you are witty⬅✔
trust yourself⬅✔
Why Arab's marks in the English language higher than the Arabic language!?
Why Arabs marks in the English language higher than the Arabic language!?🤔🤔🤔
saw you again after a while. you were happy to see me but my body language gave me away.
let's not bump into eachother. 
كُنْ ذِئْبَاً قَبْلَ أَنْ تَأْكُلَكَ الذِّئابُ
to the me who was hopeless, afraid and full of doubts. burdened with worries about my future. family stress and identity crisis. friendships slipping through the cracks and a dropping weight the only source of comfort. to the me who was weak but remained strong; thank you, i love you and i'm sorry.
i always have you watching over me. so no, i will not falter.
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