Status Quotes

Thank you is a hard word to say I think.

i always wanted someone who knew everything.
someone who i could text whenever,
without feeling like a nuisance.

i always wanted a real friend.
i didn't know by just how much i needed all this,
and so much more,
until you came along.

It's different with you, I'm different with you.
I feel light with you. I'm at ease.
No heavy shoulders. No unstable heartbeat.
Just at ease. Thank you.
Even when I'm with my friends I'm lonely. I don't want to see them anymore, why do they still want to see me? Even when I'm with my friends, I'm unhappy. Why do I still feel unhappy? Even when I'm laughing with friends, I'm wishing I was somewhere else. Probably just in bed. Probably just asleep. Even with friends, I still feel like this. I've been distancing myself, pushing them away. Why do they still want to be with me, even when I'm showing clear signs that I can't keep this up anymore.
I'm not about that drama

Everyone fall in love sometimes

i ask myself what am i doing here

maybe possible i still want you

cant seem to leave my past behind, cuz all the ones I hope to stay  are all the ones  who fade away
We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. 
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