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I have been dating the same person since I was 14. He is irreplaceable.
I will be 18 in 21 days 
My thoughts lately; 1/17/2017 12:38 AM It has been so hard to sleep lately.
I k
eep staying up, thinking all night, about a lot of things.

So many things I could have done. And things I wish I could have changed.
nd then, would my ending have ended out the same? That's the true question.
If things were different, Who would have left? Who would come back? Who would have stayed? What could be different?
uld my destiny still remain the same? So many questions cycling through my mind and thoughts just asking to escape. I feel like writing helps me cope. If you don't like me writing these long paragraphs, poems, and stories...
Then wh
y did you bother reading this far? Do you care about me enough to read this far or was it the fact that you thought I maybe have written some DRAMA laying between these sentences and commas?
o knows...? But Goodnight to those who read this far. As I'll be seeing you all tomorrow, but if I change slowly overtime... Think of it as cheese. It's not ready so quickly, but overtime it matures and develops perfectly.
If I had a penny for every time Donald Trump said something stupid...
I would have a small loan of a million dollars. 

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It doesn't make much sense to stay , 
But i need the pain to feel okay 
I'm really happy for you. Really. I know you don't want me to go. Part of me is scarred to because you wont be anywhere near me like you are now. Although now we seem just as far apart. Can't believe you're actaully doing it. I honestly can't wait to have my own place. Though kind of on my own now since never at my parents but can't wait for it to be just me and Bo in our own place in either colorado or texas. That's where I'm hoping I get to sit for a little while.
"It rained heavily last night" said the pillow.
i was so sad and angry and tired and all i wanted was to be held but there was nothing but silence and four walls staring at me begrudgingly, saying "it shouldn't be like this, you didn't plan it like this, did you?" and i wanted to crawl into a hole but the floor was too cold so i stayed under the covers and dreamed that i was somewhere warm where none of my problems existed and it was like this that i finally learned how to survive on my own.
when you find your self liking someone a little too much and you gotta smack yourself up because ur too damaged to go for it and ruin a good friendship
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