Status Quotes

No one's saying anything to me anymore. I know you've heard but you know how I am. You really thought I did this so often, I told you I just felt comfortable so soon with you. I was so open and transparent, I couldn't hide my true intentions, you fell hard but I fell harder. Because no one's saying anything to me anymore. They're just talking amongst themselves. I can hear it all. I wanted to hug you but I felt like I couldn't. Please say something, come back to me. You smiled but you were still unapproachable. So many eyes watching I asked how you were, you stared blankly at me. I'm right here, I'm hurting right here. I really wanted to hug you, hold your hand, anything. No one's the same with me anymore. I hurt more. I look for you, I seek my comfort in you. You opened your arms. Your warm smile was back, I wanted to crash into you with a hug. But everyone's watching, too many eyes watching. You know how I really am. Behind closed doors we can go back to the way we were. But out here, please don't do this to me.

Love me even on the days I hate myself. Love me even when the decisions I make are dumb. Choose to love me when I sabotage myself. Please stay when I tell you to leave. Please don't hate me, when I say I want you to. I say I don't ask for much, but in reality I do. Please stick by me even when I'm being stubborn. I love you and you know that won't change. I hope you'll love me even on those days.


in the middle of the night
in my dreams
you should see the things we do


she's like the sunflower
that never looks back at the sun


we are searchlights
we can see in the dark

Truthfully I didn't need to go that way. Honestly I, had another motive that day. Truthfully I. Honestly I, just wanted to see you. No other reason, I genuinely just wanted to see you. Truthfully I try my best not to avoid you sometimes, other days I hope I don't run into you. Honestly you don't know the effect you have on me. Truthfully, I'm glad.
The days are long and the night is too short. Working all day then dreaming next to you. Weekends are even shorter than the nights with you. After a long day, you are my hot bath. You are my cosy bed. You are my comfort. After a long day, do you know how nice it is to be with you? I hope it feels like this for you too. The drive home, holding hands, being cringier than cringe, I love moments like that. After a long day. After worrying, working and stressing some more. Waiting in line, sitting behind a desk. Waiting some more, working some more. It all ends with you. Thank you.

I love you, and that's enough.

I was supposed to go hang out with a boy.

I cut myself while shaving.

I was bleeding really bad.

I was way too embarrassed to tell him.

But I did anyway.

And he rushed to my apartment.

With a first aid kit.
If this is love,
why are you never there for me?
If this is love,
why do you lie to me?
If this is love,
why do you cheat on me?
If this is love,
why do you hurt me?
If this is love,
why do you constantly have to reassure me?
If this is love,
why don't you show it?
If this was love,
it wouldn't feel like it does. 
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