Status Quotes

~Pretty and cute doesnt save everything~
Only us 
💙~\ 04-17-18 /~💚
~\Your reservation has been taken, she's moved on/~
~The text I expected the least made me smile the most. Especially when I couldn't in the moment, on my own or from a certain someone~
I'm taking the right steps to get there. If i'm not then i don't know what more i can do. It's not a hard road to walk, but others have the luxury of driving. Eitherway, it's the same journey. I have to look at the bright side. Even when it's hard to. 
It probably exists but not in the way i want it. My wish would likley come into fruitation but with limitations. I can already see it now. What i've been longing for, it'll fall into place. But it won't be exactly as i wanted. Not nearly as good enough. And when the time comes, i'm not sure how i'll react. Will i give in...or will i hang onto the hope that there's better out there? i'm not sure. Maybe i'm being selfish. Maybe i'm asking for too much. Eitherway, I'll worry about it when that time comes i guess.
I cant look at you the same anymore
I want all the details that you don’t even get to notice about your day. I want to know about your dreams and every little silly wish you think it can never be real. I want your love to be poured on me in ways that never existed before. I want you like no one and I want you to want me more than a reality can handle.
~But the fake is a boy 💀Since when was the nibba gay? Prolly always since he cant keep a girl~ ••_CONTEXT_•• I was on my virtual childhood game and was virtually dating some guy for 30 mind and found out he was a player. i made a fake account to confirm and it was true. This is a legit text i texted my friend about him. Oops? #noregretslol
~Life's a rollercoaster, it'll suck waiting in line for the thrill, then you finally get to go on the crazy ride and youre all happy, then its over, but worry not. There's always more.~
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