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this is the first time in my life 
I'm scared of you leaving me. 
I dread texting you back and meeting up. What sort of friendship is this? I comfort myself with the thought that it'll be over in five years. If I won't worry about it in five years, I don't need to worry about it now. There, I'll let out the sigh I didn't realise I was holding. In the same way I'll let go of your hand. There, it'll be that simple.
i miss you Gabe
Phir ek cigarette jalaa RHA hooFyr ek tilli bujhaa RHA hooTeri nazar me ye ek gunaah haiMe to tere vaade bhula RHA hooSamajhna mat isko meri aadatMe to bus dhuaan udaa RHA hooYe Teri yaado ke silsale haiMe teri yaade jalaa RHA hooMe peekar itna behak chuka hu,Ki gham ke kisse suna RHA huAgar hai tumhe b gham to pass aaoMe pee RHA hoo or pila RHA hoo,Hai meri aankhe to aaj num,Magar me sabko hansaa RHA hooKhokar apni zindagi main,Apne be-inteha pyaar ko bhula RHA hoo,Ek cigarette ki shaam ke bahaane,Main apne aap ko jala RHA hooAur fyr ek cigarette jalaa RHA hooAur fyr ek tilli bujhaa RHA hoo
i want you to ruin my life. i'd rather feel hell than nothing at all.
TBN 12/10/18 sneak peak/rough draft
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
I wanted to be with you, and just kiss you,
and you said “be mine right now”.
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
I wasn’t feeling to great,
but I had this behavior for you to not know,
but I still wanted to tell you,
and you reassured me and told me we can talk, if needed.
Sometimes it feels like you can read my mind.
Sometimes if feels like you can read me.
You knew everything before I could even think it.

You should've kept quiet. You should've held back and listened to both side-- No, you should've been on my side. Now I don't expect much from you. Whenever you smile at me I feel some type of way. It's a bad feeling. Some things should just be granted. I thought your love for me was unconditional, but I guess you were just on my side when it was easier for you to be. I don't know how I feel about you anymore. I used to admire you, now I wish you wouldn't speak my name. Funny how one afternoon could have led to this. You should've just kept quiet, I would still have respect for you that way. You should've apologised. There's nothing I hate more than people who can't control their words when they're angry. It's very telling.
hey witty, it's been a minute! how is everyone doing?
i saw you today, i cried. i feel stupid, i dislike yet love you. i've tried to move on, i thought i made progress then i saw you and it all went away, all the moving on, and the trying, right then and there i knew i madly loved you...i wanted to be okay if id ever saw you, i wanted to be able to not love you, i guess its just not my time, im so tired of trying, i wish i could just do it...
as for you Mr. Gardner, my question who is rly the pathological liar?
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