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Everythings Changed!!!
I'll be nicer to you. It takes effort, but I'll do it.
Why don't you smile a little harder when you see me? Why do you always sit so close? I always see you. Was this fated, or all coincidence? You're my type. You're shy and kind. I want to get to know the other sides of you. Next time reciprocate my wide smile, do you feel anything? Sit closer to me, do you feel anything? I get confused when you look for me in the room, then quickly turn around. Is it the shyness? Am I reading too much into this? I just wish I could read your thoughts.
Just give me one more sign. I'll seek you after one more sign. I've been hesitant, but you appear everywhere. Is this fate, or wishful thinking? I'm not sure. I just want to know you better. Just one more sign, we're almost there. One more step.

Don't cry because he left you.
Cry because tears are the only way to let go of your feelings.

Hey, dont test me
im your daughter
not your experiment





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