Status Quotes

i'm sorry i can't provide comfort,
but it was always like that for me.
i don't want to pretend anymore,
like i don't deserve better.
it's not fair.
i can cry too.
never been.
never was.
feeling empty just because,
you'll never accept all of me.
i tried to mother me for both of us.
the mum shaped hole is still here.
i can't parent myself, i'm too old for this.
my insecurities are words you have said.
my inner critic is also partly you and dad.
i'm sorry i'm moody. i thought i had forgiven you both.
especially these days it feels like a fresh wound.
forgive me, but i can't bring myself to smile.
why do i even try
why don't you hold me underwater, so my lungs can burn more.
en raise me back up, so i can breathe that fragrance i yearn for.

everytime you try to spite me,
i can get more clingy and you'd hate that.
me to be more cynical?
i can get real critical, yeah, you'd hate that.

can make crass remarks sometimes too.
pick apart insecurities and make you feel misunderstood.
like was your tight embrace ever really good enough?
d you think the rose petals scattered across our front yard
blown away by some wind?

everytime you want to touch me,
i can make excuses and shut you down.
and eve
rytime you get me flustered,
can turn these tables, make you do what i want.

see, i can get just as twisted too.
 fake an image, just like you.
be sickly sweet, have you on your kness,
then be cold as ice thereafter.
must have been the contrast between smitten eyes and words that kept me up at night.
the contrast between things you would whisper in my ear and things you would shout for others to hear.

the stark contrast between your good and bad days.
like a proverbial rollercoaster of emotions, 
you made me high at times and devastatingly low at other times.

it must have been how you made it all seem so real.
like the most delicate parts of you were true.
made me want to overlook your harsh disparities. 

the angel of remorse with eyes brimming with apology,
he was just as real as the devil who seemed to beam at the idea of hurting me.

i remember when you wanted me to praise you.
cup your face, tell you how much i owed you.
long adorned sentences, i polished them over and over in my mind.
those compliments i kept at the ready, rain or shine.

i'll admit, i blushed more times than necessary.
i'll admit, you had a strong hold over me.

you wanted me right where i was,
in the palm of your brass knuckled hands.
my heart must have bloomed a few thousand times.
by day two, you knew i'd be there and yours anytime.

remember when you wanted me to praise you,
pat your head, tell you how much i adored you.
honey seeped right out of my eyes.
the clouds above me, mirrored your touch that night.

you wanted me right where i was.
at your beck and call even when i'd ignited your temper.
any wrong step could become your trigger.
i'll admit, i held your hand for longer than i could muster.

how was it that your tender voice could say such words with vigour?
words that made butterflies become a knot in my stomach,
that only your soft words could untangle.
did you know? sometimes i held my breath when you got close.

you wanted me to praise you.
if i could have timed my heart rhythm with yours, i would have done that too.
My Palestine, I am still amazed by the beauty of your green mountains. Your air is gentle, even your angry winds are a breeze. Your love slapped me in the heart. My green village, I left you against my will, today I live in refugee camp, I know that my body is far from you, but I left my heart in you, and does a person abandon his heart?! Today I am dead, and how can a person live without a heart?!! I can't live without you mom!

it just don't seem fair.
feel like i'm in a constant state of despair.
could he light me up in ways i've never seen?
could that really be the answer to everything?
holding on hope like this, it's not easy.
days like this, all it does is drown me.

لَيْتَ بَعْضَهُمْ يَخْرُجُ مِنْ مَقَابِرِ الحُبِّ؛ إِنَّ مَقَابِرَ ُالحُبِّ مَظَالِم

babe take me away.
i don't want my inhibitions.
strip them away.
come be my perfect distraction.
tell me pretty words.
make me feel less cold.

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