Status Quotes

"im done with you, you changed,
i cant be with you anymore

did you hear the aching of my heart
did you hear the clenching of my throat
did you hear my world shattering before my eyes

is that why you came back?
When I ate you said,

When I slep, you hit me and said
"stop snoring"

When I drove, you said
"let me drive you suck"

When my natural curls were out, you said
"why isnt ur hair straightened"

And then after a month, you said
"you changed"

I changed because of you, not because I wanted to
~..~Please no more. No more tugging the strings on my heart. I just need to know...Do you really want me? Am I that worth it? Are you just saying these things?? I need to know..please*i'm falling apart and you're becoming the reason. no one else. *its hurting*I just want you, you say i'm #1, but why do I feel like im..what ive always felt? The last choice...the first piece of a bag of bread...the unwanted....~
~The sky never fails to satisfy me everyday. I dont understand how one could not be as amazed as i am.. maybe its because i aspire to be an artist? Because every life has a story? ...But the vibrant colors and the strokes of the clouds is what pleases me. It's like a naive way of showing God is powerful without doing any harm. He can bring us hell, but He also brings us peace. The sky is like a painting as a gift, no human could ever create this masterpiece. 😍 I am in love, not just with a human, but with Him as well.~
Just for a second, don't be too awkward. No one else knows, so don't shy away. Look here, just for a second. Your blush gives it away. I wasn't sure until now. That your mind is filled with me, that our thoughts are the same. I'll take care of my feelings if you want me to. I'll walk this path beside you if you want me to. All I see is you.  No need to be awkward, just open up your heart to me. It's all up to you. Just look at me and decide. For the you whose days are filled with me, I'll take care of everything. Don't think it through, just do it impulsively. This is all ofcourse  for the selfish me.
Emotional state is at 40/60 at the moment. A few months ago it would have been depressingly sad 90% of the time, and 10% laughing at memes. I think basing progress on your past self is the only real way to progress. I'm not at the happy medium, but it's enough for right now. Thank goodness i have enough distractions now. Good distractions are always welcome.
~~(March 5, 2018) It's been 3 months and i feel like i'm losing again...i was winning for 6 months...out of 7 years...if i reach one more month, i'll maintain my streak and hopefully it'll remain a month after that one..and the next...and the next..Please. I just want to finally win. But i know i'm what's the point in trying? Why have a streak when i'll keep losing it again. And again. And AGAIN...?~~
~..For some reason, like with T, I'm overlooking it and i cant stop. i have tried so hard..i really did...and i was done with his shizz, i was sick of it...but i wanted HIM. i didnt care if i have to hear his shizz, yeah it hurts but was an honest mistake, right? And the people that love me, i love too...But...the pain..the inner pain i feel, it hurts more than what R could ever do to me. I just want it to stop. please end it...i always feel that, for it to end, i have to end me. *i'm* the problem. no one else. *i* am. and it'll forever be the way..I can't win anymore..~

~~~~_^_^ACTUAL TEXT SENT^_^_~~~~
~~~~vvv Did not send vvv~~~~
I'm sorry i'm such a fvck up.
When your dreams are shattered and you can't even cry because you have to look strong and happy. Thus is the worst thing to experience in life and I am going through it again and again.
~If anyone, anyone at all, needs someone to talk to...Please reach out to me on sarahah.

~Please specify that you came from wittyprofiles and your user so i can reach back out to you <3
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