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strange ways we love to suffer.
why won't you fall back in love with me?
you'll always be my friend.
you know too much.
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wow i mind the days you had to get like 900 likes on a quote if you wanted it on the first page of Top Quotes... anyone else still around remember this?
Catch my tears, kiss my lips. I can't forget about what happened so make it better. I've had a rough day, my eyes are running, I just want you with me.
Younger me really thought by now I'd have friends I could share everything with. But I don't. And so now I wonder if I ever will have such close friends. Other times I don't mind so much, I have my internet friends who I can chat to regardless of Timezone. But other times, I just want someone there to pour my all to and getting a hug from a friend is nice too. I don't know why it's all coming at once today. I have a friend but she says things that rub me the wrong way. I don't like her tone and how she's so dependant. She has lots of friends, I don't know why she's sticking by me. I know why. It's because we have history. Friends since forever. But I'm more than ready to say goodbye to years of friendship, especially if we're not the same anymore. Ah,
You should know what it's like to live without me by now. Though don't think you've really lived since your bf is a physcopath but whatever right?
No didn't change my mind its just been a really really long process. Suppose to pay my car off but think once I show that I've been making payments they'll waive it.
Yeah I told you this?
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