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I never had  a reason to get butterflies in my stomache,
but then I met  
YOU :) 

Just Joined Witty :) Can't  wait to see all the cool quotes on here:) 

~ On this dark and stormy night as she sat watching the rain.. contemplating if she should try again.. but she didn't know if she could take that kinda pain... everyone says she better off but what did she really gain? ~

Remember when you tried to be a hero and stood up to her for me. I wish I could have done it for myself, but I was so taken aback by you that day. Thank you for always taking my side. Thank you for always seeing the good in me. These days I see myself as the antagonist. That maybe I'm wrong. She probably means well. She said I shouldn't take it too seriously. I'm taking it too personally or I'm being too sensitive. But you tell me I'm fine, that my feelings are rational. Thank you for that.
After you hang out with friends, you should feel happy. But she makes me feel drained and warn out. I thought I wouldn't be feeling like this still. 
I like it when you're the little spoon, it's the best feeling, your back pressed against my chest. Why are your feet so cold? Go into the fetal position, hold your knees close to your chest. Let me warm them up, give your feet a little rub and kiss the back of your neck. I like when you're the little spoon, I like taking care of you. You stretch out wide for a little bit, you could easily take up this whole bed. Usually you'd end it at good night now, but you turn to me instead. It's dark but your eyes are glistening, crinkling by the sides. "Thank you" has become our new "I love you". I kiss your lips goodnight. "No. Thank you."
spread love
and positivity

If the weapon is your love, I got my
hands up. If you're gonna take me
down, I surrender.
Those who can't have you hate you,
those who have you can't handle you,
those who abuse you lose you, & then
here are those like me who just can't refuse
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