Status Quotes

what if i stopped caring?
but my silence seems to offend you.
i'm at the starting lines while you've already reached your flow state.
we're not the same.
you keep making me feel bad for tripping up.
i apologise and joke around with you.
you're always the same.
hot then cold, but always brutal.
i can't accept all of you.
i can't seem to keep you happy.
you're not impressed.
well okay, that one stung.
add it to the list of mistakes i've done.
it's hard cause i know you're right.
but you expect me to hit the ground running and i'm scared.
i hate disappointing people.
i tried to take it lightly but you still tried calling me out.
i can't be all go with the flow. 
i've made more errors than i can count, but haven't we all?
honestly. haven't we all?
keep keeping scores and keep telling me your not impressed.
all i regret was trying to flatter you.
never again. you can stroke your own ego.
I remember when I said it has you in it.  
It doesn't anymore. 
I'm trying to move on. 
is that ok?
I know I carry a heavy weight on my shoulders, how many nights I stayed up and how many I cried. But I insisted on completing the path because I carry a faithfulness that should not be betrayed. #Medicine
especially today i feel so gruesome. i don't want to catch my reflection or remain in my own skin. especially today i need your distraction, your decorated words of adoration. i can't stand myself i've starved then fulled myself to the brim. especially today i need your kindness to overcome my bitterness. i haven't been good. talk me out of this. help me set this straight. i don't want to sleep but i need rest. a day has gone by and i'm still in regret. especially today i needed you.

growing up feels like saying goodbye.
i'm going to miss you.
i always thought you were so pretty.
i'm going to tell you.
you're the type of person who thrives anywhere they go.
i'm going to tell you.
you deserve better and deserve all the happiness.
i'll tell you on tuesday.
you need food to focus
you need food to focus
you need food
i made it
You made it happen.
i just know im gonna make it
all this pain will wash away
i trust in You.
you always hide behind your self entrusted title of being "nice".
but no. it's never been true. it's a mask you keep only for you.
"you keep making this mistake!"
okay so why only bring it up in front of someone else?
you berate me and tell me it's not my fault.
you claim to be the nice guy but he has never made me fight back tears like you had today.
you can't make me look stupid and expect me to keep a smile.
you can't talk my ear off, drown me in your worries and expect me to stay happy.
when you're not there i try to defend you.
but you're still you.
fake nice and never a team player.
full of snide remarks and self indulgence.
keep telling me off and making me feel bad when i'm trying to help.
i'm sorry. for trying im sorry.
i can't have your back anymore. it's not fair on me.
i'll take kind over nice any day.
you're really a wolf in sheep's clothing.
i learnt it today. the hard way.

i tried my best.
i wish i could have done better.
i have always been trying the best i can
and in that moment i tried my best.

i showed up for myself
i tried to fight for myself
i could have done so much better looking back
it's so obvious to me now


i'll leave it to God.
the best trust to leave it to.

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