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​can't you dsee im dying inside
cant't you see my dpression
cant't you see my heart breaking
can't you see im helpless

Have you and a best friend
ever thought a though
at the same moment
even though thousands
of miles apart?
How do you say goodbye lost opportunity
How do you say goodbye to ghost
How do you say goodbye to a memory
Perhaps you are free for not knowing
why do you have to be so judgemental ?
​i need to make new friend comment if you wanna be friend

how can you walk away
from someone you put on this earth
how can you leave your child behind
how can you not call her
how can you live life not
kowning if she okay
the last time you heard from her was mouths
ago she tried to talk to you  but
you just push her away
can you put your lover before your
how can you go thinking it
fine but its not
how  do you know its not hurting
your child how can you
do it

Hi guys I am new here and I hope I can enjoy going on this website.
"I wish

there was a way to


know you're in the good old days

before you've actually left them."
- Andy from The Office

Friends: No matter what, we're gonna stay friends.
Me: Hold that thought
Me: *Screams out the car window* FRIENDSHIPP!!!!

if we go down
then we go down together

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