Status Quotes

“Your Smile is the fuel that keeps me alive”
ehh summer is ok :P

let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday

i go crazy 'cause here 
isn't where i wanna be

you were the song stuck in my head

sick of all this noise

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Title: I'm Not Black. ..When people see me they see black. When people meet me They hear white. What's up with that? I'll tell you what: The color of my skin The pigment in my tone The melanin I'm in Is black.The way I talkThe way I act The way I walk And my character someone how Is white. People say, People have the nerve to say to my face "you're not black." And what do I say back?I laugh and say, "you're right, I'm white Because I speak clearly, don't act hood and ain't out here callin' people my n*ggas."But what does that matter?Why is black an adjective of my lack of character?Why is white a adjective of my total character?It's freckin’ annoying. It's ignorant. And I'm more than that.

I don't pretend to know
the challenges you're facing


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