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"I love you soo much." she said.
He heard it again and again for the thousandth time.
Because some voice notes are not supposed to be deleted.

I remember 2016 like it was yesterday...





but NOT

any better


It is sad when you expect plans not to be followed through on.. It's sadder still to have had a little hope still
It's crazy how often I come on here just to check. Yet it's stupid because I've literally reached a point where I want nothing from you. Just like you wanted though right? I find it even crazier that people on witty talk and sometimes dream about their crushes seeing their account and them falling in love, and here you are. On witty. Our whole story. Thinking about it now it seems impossible for two people to be equally crazy about eachother. Seeing how in love we seemed both online and off. Then comparing it to now. To then. When you repeatedly choose someone else. It now shows who loved who less. I love you with all my heart, and I honestly will probably die with that amount of love still in my chest.  But as long as your with him. As long as you don't know who you are or what you really want. As long as you aren't sure about us or me; I don't want to hear from you. As much as I really do want to hear your voice as much as I truely miss you I know that really it'll only all be lies again. So I wish you the best.

~Forever Yours Truely~
burn your tongue on a cup of tea.
eat too much chocolate. cry for a
few hours, or cry for a few days. it's
okay to make mistakes and it's okay
to not be okay; you will always
learn how to heal.
OK so ima try this again 
im not good at socializing im a very shy and sometmes ackward person. But it sucks because i love people. I love helping them and hanging out with them and talking to them i just dont get why its so hard for me to just walk up to someone and communicate with them 
Im not good at socializing and it sucks because I love people. I just dont know how to be around them all the time. 
11:57 PM
i'm finding old photos of us. my heart hurts and i don't know if i should keep going or if i should delete them.
11:58 PM
nostalgia. that's all i feel right now. do i miss you or do i miss the memory of you? i guess i miss the thought of us.
11:59 PM
i knew i said i wouldn't talk to you again, but i'm missing you more than ever.
12:00 AM
the tears are streaming down my face.
i could text you, call you, but you wouldn't answer. you're gone. i miss you.
12:01 AM
i think i'm breaking more and more. missing you
hurts so much. i don't know how to get it to stop.

- things i'll never tell you

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