Status Quotes

I love you, and that's enough.

I was supposed to go hang out with a boy.

I cut myself while shaving.

I was bleeding really bad.

I was way too embarrassed to tell him.

But I did anyway.

And he rushed to my apartment.

With a first aid kit.
If this is love,
why are you never there for me?
If this is love,
why do you lie to me?
If this is love,
why do you cheat on me?
If this is love,
why do you hurt me?
If this is love,
why do you constantly have to reassure me?
If this is love,
why don't you show it?
If this was love,
it wouldn't feel like it does. 


you killed what was left of the good in me



hima tim lo kooma ho meain noo


ten thousand voices

fill m
y broken lungs




i see the tears run down her face

unhappy in her happy place



thank you wirryprofiles to you.
i am fine. how are you all friends?
I miss your voice in the midst of the night. 
I miss your hand in mine. 
I miss loopy late night giggles. 
I miss skin to skin contact just not being close enough for us. 
I miss relief from the nightmares with you by my side. 
I guess I miss you the most at night. 
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