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Sometimes the threat is not those that oppose you, it's those that were supposed to be beside you. Loyalty is rare.

I just wish you would stop lying to me over and over again

but more than that, I wish I would stop believing you over and over again..


It's not that

I'm the best,
I just know that when it comes down to it,
I'll always love you more than she ever will. 


Don't think I don't understand..

She's prettier

She's funnier

She's smarter

She's more talented

She's cuter

She's got a more attractive laugh

Don't think I don't understand,

But don't ever think she can love you like I do. 


If  you don't call me..
I'll understand. 

If you don't text me..
I'll understand. 

If I forget you,
You'll understand


If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies

How very different our perception of beauty would be..


Don't worry when I argue with you..

Worry when I stop,
because it means I've given up and there's nothing left to fight for.


No matter how many times you hurt me..
You will always  have a special place in my heart..

I hope someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight.
They don't pull away, they don't look at your face, and they don't try to kiss you
All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight without an ounce of selfishness in it
I hope you become addicted, baby
I hope you become addicted to sayin' things and having them matter to someone

I have one good friend that I love and care about. When I see her I feel my mood get 100 times better. She smiles at me I smile at her. Our conversations are light hearted in person, we delve a bit deeper in our text messages. I'm glad to have her. I'm glad she could show me what it means to have a true, wholesome friend. I have these other people I hang out with. My mood when I'm with them isn't the best. I can't help but feel like they don't respect me. Like I'm an easy target, or pushover. I know I just need to be firm once and for all, but I don't want to go that far. Because being firm in their books would have to be something as clear as a loud shout. More than just "Stop it, you're being too much." But something short of a meltdown. And I don't want to go that far. I've been distancing myself. Slowly easing myself out of our decade of "friendship". They're not the same anymore, I want to speed this process up, but I also want it to happen naturally. Why is this so hard.
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