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 I know things will get better

Sometimes I don't want to wake up, sometimes I wouldn't mind the end coming. Sometimes it's hard to do anything, and I let myself get trapped in a spiral of negative thoughts. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I wish I didn't wake up. Sometimes I just sleep for as long as I can. Sometimes I want to cry for some reason. There's always the same and new reason. But I've found that endorphins help. Not ones from food, but exercise. My personality takes things to extremes so I'm trying to increase my calories, don't want to develop anymore problems. Sometimes seeing the scale drop is my only happiness, that's a problem in itself.
help me help you
I'd never take my own life that's beyond me. Just thinking out loud. How does it feel to be the reason I stick around. Smile at me more, make the corners of my lips turn up. Without me knowing I always smile back at you. I sing our songs, I feel happy for that moment in time. Keep me around longer I don't have much else to do. Call whenever you feel like it, I only want to hang out with you. Don't be too pressured, you sense my desperation. I'm not kicking the bucket, I don't give myself that power. Just do what you do. Be the one person who doesn't act like I'm different. Be the one I can talk to.
Is there anyone who can see my tears, is there anyone who can feel what i feel, is there anyone who can heal this pain, is there anyone who can love me...if there is someone than just please hold me, just hug me tightly that you will not leave me..I need someone.
Remnants of my old and new self are getting in touch. I'm beginning to feel like myself again. Yes, to progress.
if money was to bring happiness then please, be my dime

Havent had a chance to be on here much, but I have some exciting news. 
 Over the Christmas Holiday,  I got engaged to my boyfriend of almost 2 and 1/2 years.
We have yet to set a date for the wedding yet, but Im really excited about spending the rest of my life with the man I love.
Sorry I havent been online much. 

 There is no ideal world for you to wait around for.
The world is always just what it is now,
and it's up to you how you repond to it


i won't let them break me down to dust


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