Best Status Quotes This Week

Everything is fair in love and war.Or is it? Imagine if your love story was always contained in a short lived moments. And you knew it would end even before it started - would you not ask time to standstill? If you knew your only chance to be loved were those few short precious moments would you not crave for them? If you knew it belonged to somebody else would you still not keep your little secret?

I promise
I’ll see you
on the other side


I hope you know
that you were worth it all along

 alone now, knew that was gonna happen XD still love u and i cant help it, i love you, i love you, i love you, you accidently brushed ur shoe against my leg and my heart skipped a beat, i miss u nick. i feel like the only one who wants this relation ship. IM SORRY NICK, for hurting u, for ruining you, but i want u, i need u. you made my world brighter and now its just dark again, im alone :) 
~Can you tell something is crazy, when you're crazy yourself?~
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