Stolen Quotes

sick of crying,
tired of trying.

yeah i'm smiling,
but inside I'm dying. ♥


to players, we're hot.
to perverts, we're
to adults, we're
to relatives, we're
to dumbasses, we're
to each other, we're
to gentlemen, we're
to the right guys, we're
but to ourselves,

W e ' r e   u g l y   a s   f u u c k .

There are two types of pain:
One that hurts you, and the other that changes you.


To me love is like being able 
to see the light inside 
a person who only 
sees darkness.

I moustache you a question,
But I'll shave it for later

Can eyebrows your computer?
You hate me?
Wow. So much in common already.
Let's play a game.
It's called 'Guess my sexuality'
My love is like a candle
If you forget about me
I'll burn your house down.

I can't drown my demons,

they know how to swim.

~Bring me the Horizon

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