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who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?

Loving someone with depression is hard.
No matter the day you're having you must smile and wear your brave face because all it takes is one moment of weakness to set them back. Forget about birthday's, anniversaries, or celebrations because something bigger, darker is filling their soul. Kind gestures go unnoticed because they are already carrying the world. And now it's your job to take hold of that world and carry it like it's nothing and you'll shove every ounce of emotion, good and bad, that you bare so deep into your soul, it will only come out through silent tears in the lonliest kind of darkness. You'll tiptoe on eggshells. And when you slip, because you will, the horrible names won't stop. And when that fist makes the insufferable connection you'll crumble. But if a single tear falls or yelp cries out in desperation it will set it all back. So you must take a deep breath and wear your bravest face


we live on a 
blue planet
that circles around
a ball of fire next to
a moon that moves the sea
and you don't believe in miracles?


i can't remember the last time a guy called me beautiful. not hot, not sᶒxy, not cute, not pretty--but beautiful.
Don't ever dismiss someone for "being weird"
don't ever do that 
because one day you're going to be stuck with such a bland someone with a mediocre life that you're just not happy with and you're going to find your uncontent self wondering 

what went wrong? 

So just stay weird

When you stop and take a good look around,
you freeze and rethink of all the good things and bad things that have happened to you.
 You never think the last time is the last time.
You never think you'd be thinking about a life without that certain someone,
you don't think time would stop ticking.
You freeze and feel empty, but you stop looking around you
take a deep breath in and know that it's in the past.
You can let the past destroy you or you can learn from it.
I am still learning how to let me past teach me.
I'm still healing, time takes forever.
 I am learning how to slow down and for the time being,
I'm enjoying myself and being myself.
But sometimes I wonder
who am I, where do I belong, what am I doing.  
im walking in circles and the worst part is people are following me

 Pushing people – kind, caring, nontoxic 

people who are concerned for and contribute to your happiness and well-being – away simply to ascertain they “care enough” to come running after your needy and pledge their undying love only for you to be able to rinse and repeat next time things aren't going your way is unfair and laughably childish.

Sulking, avoiding clear honest communication and being a generally passive aggressive a
.sshole just for the sake of receiving attention to confirm the existence, and assess the quality, of love in a personal relationship of any kind with someone else is not how you go about fixing hurt feelings. It can be, however, how you cause unneeded tension, confusion, and deeper hurt.

You cannot dismiss people's efforts as absent or inadequate when they aren't being shown in the exact way that you want to see them. You cannot impose ridiculous ideals and expectations upon people and throw fits when these fantasies are proven separate from reality. You cannot make drama a recurring theme in your relationships and cry foul when it becomes too much for other people and they decide to finally put their own feelings first. You cannot treat people badly just to see if they'll treat you well and proceed to get upset when they respond negatively to your negativity.

Constantly chasing someone who is never satisfied with and appreciative of what you can give them and always having to validate their worth – that they refuse to recognize and accept themselves – gets exhausting.

Blaming people and marking them unworthy for being unable or unwilling to drop everything to cater to unpredictable, irrational mood swings will not earn you any new friendships or help to maintain current ones.

If you're craving consolation and the knowledge that somebody cares, talk to them. Be around them. Accept any supportive gestures they offer, no matter how small or ordinary you think they are. Help people to help you.

Closing yourself off and adopting a victim mentality that you parade in front of others in order to receive sympathy isn't going to make anybody, least of all yourself, feel better. Do not play mind games and leave people alone in the dark to figure out what your problem is and get angry when they can't assume the role of mind reader because “if they truly cared they'd just know”. Do not give out apathy and demand enthusiasm in return.

Because if you do these things, you are probably the bad friend you're so intent on sniffing out. And you're going to be sorry when everyone is gone because you made them fight an uphill battle to prove their sincerity when they were there.
I'll stop time for you
the second you say you like me too


do you think my parents will still tell me "oh, you're just not mature enough yet" in twenty years time when i'm 30, still haven't had nor want a relationship, and i tell them for the millionth time that i'm an aromantic asexual? 

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