Story Quotes

how great is God that he can create beings who ponder over his existence.
thought i'd be more comfortable (with this uncomfortable feeling).
eating is okay.
eating enough for my body
to function is okay.

my weight is okay.
→ my weight doesn't matter.
                        recovery is hard.
I hate the concept that says that humans origin is monkeys.
Adam peace be upon him was the first human and his tall was about 37meters.
أسمعني موتا مشرفا،لا اخاف موتاً الا لانني أخشى الا افيد الارض مني شيئا ،امنحني من قوتك يا الله،فاني ليس لي من بعدك أحدا
كفى بِكَ وجها مسودّا
أشرق بعلمك ولا تمل
كن على الارض شخصا أسدا
فاني قد عرفت اني لا أملُّ
لا عليكَ ان تصدقني كذبا
فما وصفتُ الواحد منهم الا كلبا
أحنُّ إلَيْكِ حنينَ الحبيبِ الى محبوبته
سحُرني جمالُكِ و أتمنى الا أفارق نظراتك
أَنتظِرُ وَقتاً ألقاكِ فيه
ى متى اللقاءُ سَيظل بعيد
somehow i randomly remembered this website and came on here to read some of the old stuff i had posted, and boy oh boy 😅 this was basically my online diary 😂 happy to report that I'm happily married to my best friend (going on 3 years now) and we have 2 beautiful babies & i can't wait to have more with this wonderful man ❤ my childhood (bc that's really what it is, i was 13, i was a kid) love is engaged to his girlfriend of what seems forever (plot twist, she's the one he cheated on me with) but no hard feelings bc homeboy had a glow down and i got my prince charming and my beautiful babies ❤❤❤
"How can you kill me with toilet paper?" -Tori Vega to Jade West
"Dont dare talk about it!" Jade west to everyone-Angry
Arab cananaites were the first people who lived in Palestine.They built it and named it's cities.Some of these names:oursalem(Jerusalem today),beitlekhem(Bethlehem),yafa"means the beautiful one" for Jaffa.We notice that almost palestinian cities names now came from it's origin.
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