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a letter that can't be received.

if you knew would things be different?
if i could have you sympathise with me, would i feel different?
cause right now, fallen tears only matter if they're yours.
anxiousness and the tight chest feeling is nothing for me
but when it's you, i need to be more understanding.

and i know you have trouble sleeping and you cry almost daily...but join the club.
this path goes both ways and we're both hurt people hurting eachother.
but i'm just sick of ignoring my feelings to make you happy.
it's not worth it to hate myself to make you proud of me.
i never liked community gatherings, i never liked how you favoured my eldest sister.
i never liked being your rock, the quiet one or the "good girl".
if being a doormat with no self respect is who i need to be to receive your love,
you can keep it.
So basiclly it has been 1 million years since ive been on here. I was looking through all my old stuff as a teenager and it's crazy because it feels like it was just yesterday. Plus I was such a weirdo lol I still am, but I guess I just hide it a bit better now that Im older lol. I am having such nostalgia it's unreal. I hope eveyone who is still on here and active is doing well. I remember when it used to be so popular and people were posting quotes all the time. I miss this place a lot and I really wish it would make a come back. I think it would be really nice. Lets all try to bring it back lol. I know that no one is probably going to see this, but I guess I just want to document for myself so I can look back at it in another million years from now lol, or even the slight chance that someone will see this, I hope youre doing well. Im just sentamental person and sometimes it's hard for me to let go of the past. Ive been thinking a lot about the past recently so I guess thats why I decided to hop back on here for a minute.
I guess that's it. So uh BYE ;)
~Diana <3
9/12/21 @9:59pm
I felt so good leaving but- 
did it hurt when no one 
fought to make you stay? 
Sorry little lion cub.
mommy and daddy issues keeping me awake again
so i'm hitting up my bestest friend.
mood up or down, he can decide.
i wanna switch my brain off
and just follow someone i love.

now backed in a corner
with those pretty eyes.
it's an obvious trap

but i like it like that.
he flashes that smile and
all my stress subsides.

think i'm gonna put him in charge.
just a naughty guy that gives me the butterflies.
don't know how i'd make it otherwise.

I keep dreaming of him. This time he was a side character, thankfully. But my concern for his wellbeing during the conflict in my dream was still overwhelming.
The Ephemeral Israeli entity and America are bombing Syria now. Why doesn't the world say they are terrorists?Oh, I forgot that the media only publishes America and Israel with the image of the angel.When America withdrew from Afghanistan, it withdrew in order to make the people kill each other while America and we are watching them.We are not fools in politics.
maybe i just want you to comfort me.
maybe i just want to be coddled.
is that so bad?
I am free. So much time walking around in a fog, just going along with what was expected of me. I made myself out to be something that I wasn't and it was suffocating. But I couldn't even see who I really was becasue of how much I had pushed down and ignored. 
cause your motherly touch feels like manipulation
and your fatherly concern feels like insincerity.
your eyes go green when you look at me.
bank account, back up atm, i'll piggy back you both out of this mess.

but when i turn to him, why are you both perplexed?

craving a shoulder to lead on, a leader to lead me on.
a touch that feels like what my mother's should,
a voice that consoles me like no one else could.

when i want to put this all down and rest my eyes.
when i want to cave in, let the tears fall, guess who comes to mind?

in flashes of gold and pink, the thought of him makes my heart sing.
why did you both have to pale so much in comparison?
both busy being busy, so loneliness became family to me.

at some point anyone with a heart beat would have sufficed.
but his blood is warm and his favourite laugh is mine

Maybe you have asked yourself this question: Why there are so many languages?Ans: When our God created our father Adam ,He taught him languages .The first language that Adam used was Arabic Because he was created in the paradise and Arabic is the language of paradise.When Adam descended to the earth and his wife ,he beget kids and each of them took many languages ....
Source: Islamic religion
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