Story Quotes

you are just amazing.
i hope you live a great
life. i think you're just
the best. thank you. 
You are so kind.
i appreciated it a lot.
an angel with words
of support and advice.
God sent you to me that
day. I am so beyond 
thankful. thank you,
thank you, thank you.
once more, thank you.

all my nights taste like gold
when i'm with you it's like
everything glows
The homeland does not have to be a big land, it may be a very small area with borders on both shoulders.
It's in the grace of our fall, the courage in our landing, and the wisdom in our surrender, that we learn to fly again. Author Ahmed Protais
Well here I am almost 5 years later and I never really expected much to change but its like practically everything did, and I still feel the way I did then but there is a light and there is a dark and sometimes the space of light you see is so little but you really hold out for that first taste of air and pray...I found my little lights and some big ones too and also some darker times and lots of little cracks where I hadnt noticed before..heres to hoping I come back in another 5 years and the world has changed too. 

Dear 16, Hold on you learn light and darkness
Dear 26 me...were gunna do this

seei made it all pretty.
the terrible truths are
embroidered with royal silk.
i'm still playing the part well, don't you think?
no one will know how terrible it really is.
God himself is the sin creator as the bible and coran say. what's the hell then?
Ahmed Protais is one among genius who are mostly wrong to people by their own thoughts. People betray themselves on his behalf.

so take me there: to the end of this conversation.
it starts in the same way, under the same circumstances. 
i'm lonely, you're lonely.
we don't check in until it's all a little too much.

Finally caving in as we burst at the seams.
"How are you? i miss you."
always precedes the trail of renewed confessions.

nothing's changed, we're both still the same.
you got a new comforter and i haven't seen those boxers before.
still wrapped around your finger.
still know you like the back of my hand.

when we run out of things to say time begins to flow differently.
the world mutes itself so i can hear your breathing.
we're just existing in the same space and it's grand.
we won't need to hear from eachother for another few weeks.
low maintenance, dependable and all for me.

you're my favourite human interaction.

I gave my life a free choice. Decision to not fight anyone.
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