Story Quotes

she's like the sunflower
that never looks back at the sun


I was supposed to go hang out with a boy.

I cut myself while shaving.

I was bleeding really bad.

I was way too embarrassed to tell him.

But I did anyway.

And he rushed to my apartment.

With a first aid kit.
If this is love,
why are you never there for me?
If this is love,
why do you lie to me?
If this is love,
why do you cheat on me?
If this is love,
why do you hurt me?
If this is love,
why do you constantly have to reassure me?
If this is love,
why don't you show it?
If this was love,
it wouldn't feel like it does. 
I know that in some ways, 
I've disappointed you
And that's why I can't ask you for help anymore. 
You always made me feel stupid, 
you always made me think I could've done better. 
You always told me not to cry,
you said it isn't pretty. 
I know that you're disappointed in me
because I wanted to know who my mother was. 
But just know that, 
I'm disappointed in you, too
For keeping me from finding out. 
My biggest fear is to end up alone. 

in my dreams we're still screaming & running through the yards


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bad luck and hard love
are tattooed on my spine

black clouds and holy smoke
fuel the train that i drive

it's my life, and it's one hell of a ride

black stone cherry

all my flowers grew back as thorns


How can I say
how  much  you  mean  to  me
withou sounding  so  damn  stupid?
I don't  think  you  understand,

I  love  you  so  much,  it's  so  confusing. 

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