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Havent had a chance to be on here much, but I have some exciting news. 
 Over the Christmas Holiday,  I got engaged to my boyfriend of almost 2 and 1/2 years.
We have yet to set a date for the wedding yet, but Im really excited about spending the rest of my life with the man I love.
Sorry I havent been online much. 

ilysm nick, forever and always <3
please, save me
As I look around me
It's so easy to see

I'm letting go of what you've done
My freedom has just begun

Going through life as if
I'm walking on glass
Hoping this feeling will pass

Carefully stepping, avoiding being cut
I think to myself, why would I keep my thoughts shut

I begin to run
You have no more control
I'm done

The glass begins to clear
You have no more control here

I see brightness ahead of me
And at last, I am free






20 years old finding

Out you're a father


In 9 short months

You'll meet your daughter


But that isn't enough

For you to bother


She grows up

Into her mothers face


Wondering why another man

Would want to take your place


She doesn't understand

Why you didn't want her


She knew you lied

When she was only four


Life takes it's toll

And destroys her mind


She has a dad now

But you still remain blind


He didn't have to care

Why is this fair


She's now a grown woman

Still she struggles to understand


She loves her dad

More than anyone can


He tells her he loves her

And is a true man


In the back of her head

You continue to haunt


Why wasn't she good enough

For you to want


Why would another man

Want to be her dad


What was so bad

About her for you to accept


You've lost your chance now

She's lost respect


You're nothing to her

Not even a man


Because you've made it clear

It's time for you to disappear


Does anyone know if there is a good place to add imagines? Or would you guys read it if I added it here? I made a story about some youtubers that I watch and I don't know if I should add it or not? Let me know in the comments please! 
I  never felt more 

    I reached for the stars,


but those stars don't reach back...

i wish my mother would have told me
it would be this hard just to want to live

"If you could hear the dreams I've had, my dear..."
—yeah, I know you've heard that line before, but if I had a chance to scream all the things I've UNDERLINED- yeah, you'd find I'm a thief, but my taste is so refined.

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