Story Quotes

It's at this point that I'm starting to understand what people mean when they say a tattoo lasts forever.
When I look at my body and see only what used to be but is no longer there. 
When I am constantly reminded of some of my hardest moments.
At the time I thought they would be reminders of what I overcame- but today they feel like reminders of pain.
They feel like I'm telling the world of a moment I feel stuck in, they feel like a scream for help that was ignored. They feel like a part of my life that I can't stop carrying.

I feel trapped by who I was in that moment.
now my belly will ache in the name of poor self regulation.
you won't question it until the 34th hour.
cause that's all you ever noticed. 
telling you i'm not doing well wasn't enough.
it always took a hunger strike to earn your attention.
one day i will be above this all.
one day i won't yearn for your concern at all.
i wanna stack my pennies up so high and mighty.
so no one can dare peer over the wall that surrounds
me and my castle.

i wait and wait for the perfect moment.
the perfect moment where i'm not afraid of the
tight rope and mask snapping.
i know ma and pa couldn't save me from this.
they couldn't before, they wouldn't ever now.

 this burden grows as does my bitterness.
late at night i wonder who i'd be if i received
all of their love.
who would i be if i even just felt seen.

i want to own my land but i'd have to stack paper
over the graves of my sanity and dignity to do that.

i yearn to meet the version of myself who is well rested
and well adjusted. the version of myself who has
grown beyond this childish feeling of inadequacy.


Are you saying that the Palestinian resistance is terrorist? Yes, I agree with you, and I am also a terrorist. Our presence has terrorized Israel and those who stand with falsehood, murder, and the theft of lands. When Bassem Youssef told Pier Morgan that Hamas is a terrorist, this is exactly what he meant 😉 Peace be upon the honorable and humanitarian people
I never exaggerated my love for you. I will be moderate in everything except my love for you. Dear, beloved Palestine
Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and his love for his country: On this earth is what is worth living, on this earth is the lady of the earth, mother of beginnings and mother of endings.
For those who say that Israel is more than three thousand years old, I tell you that Palestine is the land of Canaan and the Palestinians 5000 years BC. The establishment of the State of Israel at that time was an occupation, and the state only lasted for 200 years and was on a small part of Palestine. In the Holy Book of the Torah, which is the book of the Jews, just as the Bible is for the Christians, it contains the land of Canaan and how the Jews came to the land of Canaan. Please, you fools and you Zionists, do not try to falsify history like your fake faces. You know the truth and are trying to deny it. You are mentally and heartily sick.
Most Hollywood films are not for entertainment, especially those stories that talk about the future, when they talk about robot invasion and alien invasion, this is what will happen if their plans succeed. If you enter several websites and applications, you will be required to prove that you are not a robot, and this is clear evidence of their plans, in addition to the fact that they want to prepare the human mind and enter this information into the subconscious(As known as unconscious in psychology books). Control of the unconscious mind occurs through these films and we do not feel it
We have two choices in our country: either you are ours or you are ours and will remain ours.
Israel kills civilians in Gaza and then accuses Hamas of killing them. WTF
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