Story Quotes

she was beautifully out of place
like a moon during the day

i hope you find the happiness
you've been pretending to have


Fight a little longer my friend

It's all worth it in the end

But when you got nobody to turn to

Just hold on and I'll find you

all these voices in my head get loud
i wish that i could shut them out

i'm up here holding on 
to all those chandeliers of hope

I'll that I ask is.

Today let me sit in my sorrow.

Promise I'll be better tomorrow.

The one that you love hasn't changed.

It's just one of them days.

i'm gonna hold you
like i'm saying goodbye

Coconut Sugar
YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE 33 Healthier Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Going to Kill Me? This Will Seriously Change The Way You Think About Mixed Drinks

What it is: Sugar that’s made from the sap of the coconut palm tree.

Best uses: Taste- and texture-wise, it’s a lot like brown sugar—and you can sub it one-for-one in recipes.

Is it better for you? Like maple syrup, coconut sugar contains trace amounts of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. But you’d have to eat at least 1/4 cup to reap the benefits, which is way more sugar than anyone needs in a day, Caspero says. (Women should stick to less than six teaspoons of sugar per day, and men should max out at no more than nine teaspoons.) “Because coconut sugar contains less fructose than white sugar, your liver metabolizes it in a healthier way,” Caspero says. That means less potentially turns into fat. But since coconut sugar is higher in sucrose, it still raises your blood sugar.

Don't do it. Please. Just don't do it.

i might only have one match
but i can make an explosion


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