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No one has the right to describe the Palestinians and the Palestinian resistance as terrorism. We have been suffering from injustice for many years and we have the right to recover our lands and rights. We do not need international law to decide our lives for us. Ukraine is oppressed because it is a war zone and occupied by Russia, and the Ukrainians are oppressed, but the Jews and those who occupied Palestine are not terrorists. We are not fools, we know politics. Politics is a dirty game whose victims are its followers, and whoever leads it wins.
It's scary to see how much has changed and also nothing has changed. 
if you told me this year I'd lose my comfort job 
if you told me this year I'd lose my best friend  
if you told me this year I'd lose myself 
I wouldn't believe you. 
I don't know where to go from here. 

it's like i'm underwater and everything is at a stand still.
i want to change everything about me but can't rip the band aid still.
relationships dying with time passing but i'm stalling still.
these crumbs of passion leave me starving still.
a pleasant future clouded by anxiety still.
confessions brewing but i'm choking still.
my black dog wants the reigns still.
i knew it then for sure, the night after her wedding.
when you sighed lightly and turned to me.
you said it so gleefully, so happily.
my gut wrenched and my ears wanted to bleed.

"now that we have thrown a big wedding, for the rest of you we don't have to."
my eerie stadium of hawk eyed critics who should have been my everything.
it's just always felt like this, always felt so odd.
i walked on this tight rope with nothing  noone to hold.
i've no back up plan, i had to be successful.
cause anytime i falter, you both become so bold.

you flock to me with the most bewildered look in your eyes. 
am i really breaking down, will you both finally see me cry?
i've always felt like you were vultures who were just waiting to strike.
it never felt like support, the way you critiqued my life.

so now i comfort myself with "this was meant to be".
but i see you treat them all very differently.
you can be so reassuring when you want to be.
it's almost all over now, i'm learning to leave.
but it still hurts me, still makes my eyes sting.
you were the best parents, but just not to me.
we'll be so unique.
lyrics or novels could resemble us.
y poems we write would do us justice.
i'm too kind.
i bent myself
back a little
too far this time.
i knew you weren't too good.
heard it from a few people.
big promises, ungrateful, got a temper,
always busy, high expectations,
almost unreachable, condescending,
the pay off is never enough.

still i'm disappointed
it's tantrums, then flowers at the door.
 call me names,  then call me yours.
i'll disappear, you'll never see me again.
call my bluff, go pull me right in.
i'm terrified but i want to see this through.
what would it be like to runaway with you?
I am surprised by the people who believe the "space creature" hoax that America made up. The world must wake up, we don't know the secrets of this subject (remember it's exactly as the Cold Star War against the Soviet Union but this trick is against all people"anti human" + anti God).Enough of this masonic scheme lie.
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