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If you don't believe
music saves life
then you better take
a good look at me.
Look into my eyes
And you will see.

The journy of a dark
lost soul who's life was
saved By a stream of 
magic Rythms that
we can't even see
and yet it has saved 
so many lives with it's
Magic Melodies.

How do i know all
this you may ask?
Well it's because
i am one of many
lives  it has saved

So next time beforeyou say
music doesn't save lives
just a good look at one
of the many survivors
Take a good look
at me.

just a little something i wrote
while i was high which is when
my inspirtation and creativity level
are at an all time high

and the walls kept tumbling down
in the city that we love

nothing heals
the past like time

As i sit in a time of uncertainty in my life 
unsure where to go or what to do
i notice that i am going through
something magical we call
a spiritual awakening and it's
really making me feel alive 
something of which i thought
i would never feel again
but here i am mind blown  and spirit open beyond normal ready to
face whatever challenges 
and test lie ahead doing
whatever it takes to find my true self
and reach my final destination.
everythings changed:/ he changed:/ i still love him, but its not the same for him :/ its been months :/ i gotta move on...
nobody is gonna believe a crazy junkie so get over yourself.
to the girl who once loved me,

you made me so happy, my god.
days seemed brighter with
you in them.
life felt like it was worth living.
flowers seemed more colorful,
days flew by like a breeze.
things were so good- until
they weren't.
i remember all the nights
i'd spend on the phone with
you, begging you not to leave.
"you deserve better than me,"
you'd repeat like a broken record.
i never believed it, until one day,
i did.
one sunny day in july
i decided i wouldn't let you 
ruin me anymore.
so i left, and i couldn't 
be happier.

-to the girl who destroyed me.
The sun will still smile down on me if I cry. The world won't end just because I want it to either. I can't hold onto the hands of time and ask them to stop for a moment or an eternity. Life is just happening to me. My parents just decided and i was poofed into existence. A soul was breathed into me and it's still here. Breathing even if i don't want it to. The sun will still set whether i want it to or not. A new day will roll around whether i'm prepared for it or not. Right now life is just happening to me. No other way to describe it. Life isn't hurting or exciting me. It's just happening. Like i'm just watching a movie, nothing too problematic or uneventful. It's just on because someone decided to turn it on. But i'm the one who has to watch it for its entirety incase something happens. idek.
weaponized stupidity
weaponized ignorance
weaponized loyalty
weaponized pack-think
weaponized fear
weaponized gullibility
weaponized people

So every so often i will be in a situation good or bad this case being bad and being someone who has a music soul i get a song stuck in my head that relates to the current situation but i will not listen to the song because it would just make things worse.
but apperently the powers that be think otherwise and i wind up hearing the song on the radio as if it was meant to be
and more often then not i never know the reason why.

if there is anyone else out there who has this happen to them your not alone for i to experience this strange phenomenon.
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