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Sometimes to keep it together
You got to leave it alone...

Eagles- Wasted Time

So you live
from day to day
And you dream
about tomorrow
And the hours go
by like minutes
And the shadows
come to stay
So you
take a little something
to make them go away...

Eagles- Wasted Time 

and all it would take is one difficult day and i'm back to square one.
i'll trail behind you today, please pretend you don't notice.
i'll be extra distant today, please pretend you don't notice.
i'm just embarassed, that's all.
i only wanted to show you the pretty sides of me, 
but today i'm feeling like my old self.
 And if you said
this life ain't good enough
I would give my world
to lift you up
I could change my life
to better suit your mood
Because you're so smooth
And it's just like the ocean
under the moon
it's the same as the emotion
that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin
that can be so smooth
Give me your heart
make it real
or else forget about it! ❤❤❤😎

Santana Ft Rob Thomas- Smooth
I'm telling you baby
I made my mistakes

But I'll make you this promise
to do what it takes

I'll be there to protect you
and hold you tight

You got my lovin
baby every single night❤

Styx- Don't Let It End

when i think about it, i still get nervous.
i'll believe things always work out for me.
life now happens for me and not to me.
positive thoughts and intentions.
but i'll be honest with myself.
my chest feels heavy from time to time.
an anxious thought rests on my chest then leaves when it's ready.
this time too, i know it will subside. just wish it would never settle here to begin with.
 dandellion seeds dispersing
at the breath of a child
who only knows delight.

even more so than the seeds and the child,
You'll know more freedom than them both.


We Are Harlot- Someday

So i say this alot because its the truth!
Music has always been my Religion
My guide and my savior!
And the list of songs is never ending!
And in recent years The song i shared above
Has guided me to the girl
That i truley belive in my heart and soul
Is my soulmate! And even though
We are apart most of the time 
it continues to help me hold on
And gets me through the long
dark lonely nights
away from her
And I have no doubts
That it will continue to
Do so until we finally
Reach the days and nights
When we will finally be 
Together forever! ❤

I'm not a hero,
or a villain
Not a god
I'm just a man
Staring through the hourglass
At the footprints in the sand
I'm stripping all my armor
My battles here are done
Wave my white flag to surrender
and fly into the sun.
Like a moth to a flame
my wings burn away
When things are too beautiful
I smash them to pieces
The more that you love me
insecurity releases
And I'll be the one that's to blame
So I'll sell my soul to blaze

Like a moth to a flame...🦋🔥 


I'm always fallin
But something makes me carry on
It's difficult to understand
Why I always wanna fly
I do it for the druuuuuugs!

I do it just to feel aliiiiiiive!...

Smile Empty Soul- Bottom Of A Bottle 
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