Story Quotes

My significant other and I
were told that we absolutely have to watch
"The Notebook
why? No idea
neither of us are interested in romantic films
so, it took some deciding but we just thought "why not?"
so needless to say towards the end of the movie we were both crying our eyes out holding each other and honestly that's my fondest memory of us, something I always hold onto. 
I'm tired of loving you. 
And restless, because I can't let somebody else. 
Some days I sit, staring out the window
watchin this world pass me by
Sometimes I think there's nothing to live for
i almost break down and cry
Sometimes I think I'm crazy 
why am I here? Am I just wasting my time?
I don't really know why I bother talking. 
I get talked over by everyone I care about. 
I barely have a voice. 
I'm a listener. 
I'm to quiet. 
you make me feel so small but
you make me feel wanted.
I've been re-writing the same story for five years.
maybe this time I'll finish it. 
I cry at nothing, and cry most of the time.

-Charlotte Gilman, the Yellow Wall-paper
I wish fairy tales were real. To tell you all your life that dreams come true, to tell us to follow our ♥, just to mature and see that the magic, isn’t as real. To see the real world and not a fantasy. I wish it was all true, that there was happy endings for all of us. I miss seeing the world as a happy place. 

Boys always fantasize 
about the bad girls, 

but end up chasing
the good ones. 

Only to end up
craving the bad girl
once again,

temptation leading
into actions,

that turn into a

broken heart.   

One year ago,

I couldn't imagine
my life without you
Today, I fantasize about it. 

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