Best Story Quotes Today

Whether you think

you CAN or you

 CANT, you are



Sound, Strength and Power.

-Christine Vega

To all the screams I left in silence.
To the bright thoughts I left behind in darkness.
To all the people who trust me, listen to these lies;
I am having fun, I'm also feeling fine.
I'll count to thirty, while you go run and hide.
While I go searching, a "real" smile you will find.
To the very few I trust, listen to the truth.
I need something more than ever, 
and that something is you.
You lean on me and I lean on you.
This is the best of all, when we are feeling blue.
So the quiet in my words outloud shall never be so true.
But the yelling in my written letters will always be nonfiction.
To all the ones whose pain I bathe in.
You should know the poison you're afflicting.
I may be your burden. I may be your gentle star.
But no matter where in this world you are,
you'll always make an impact.
Whether that's good or bad, we cannot control that.
Whether we are happy or sad, can we control that?
Whether they feel angry or scared, we cannot that.
In this world we may feel powerless.
But when you're in the darkness,
with those you don't trust,
and you're not feeling safe enough,
but have the strength to stand with honesty and courage;
That's when we are all truly powerful.
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