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When I was younger I hated hugs. I didn't even hug my parents. I can't remember the last time I hugged my dad. It was just something I never did. Recently, however, I like hugs. Well I don't know if they count as hugs, I just like resting my head on people's shoulders. My mum doesn't mind it, my dad calls me childish but reciprocates it too. I love them. I never used to hug my friends. Now I hug them whenever I see them. There's many things I never used to do, that I do so often now. It's strange. We're always changing. Even in small ways, nothing is permanent.


I show my compassion in different ways. I nag. You had an assignment due but you kept procrastinating. I nagged at you to get it done. Instead you went out and bought a rug. What are you doing? You always say I don't care enough for people. I'm not trying to prove myself to you. Well maybe I am. But haven't you known me long enough to see how I care? I can't show it outright. It makes me feel uncomfortable...way too vulnerable. So I'll nag. I'll nag and nag until you've finished what you need to do so I can stop worrying about you. I guess that's what caring about someone is to me. Making sure they're on track so I don't have to worry anymore. I am a good person. These days I find myself trying to convince myself of this. But good is such a vague word.


Sometimes you need fake friends so you don't look lonely. You still feel empty, but sometimes...sometimes you need to convince everyone else that you're not.


I now believe we are here to help others. I spend much of my available time helping people with major health problems, letting them know that they too can win their battles as I was once in their shoes. 

 It is in the power of prayer, Jesus Christ, and God that manifest miracles. 

When your physician says, “you have two to four months to live” because their medicine isn’t working I hope you take a chance to build a relationship with God and pray that Jesus Christ/God/Holy Spirit can heal you! You have nothing to lose at this point but so much to gain.

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