Best Story Quotes This Week

I'm so sorry I didn't go out of my way to help you, like you do for me. I'm sorry I'm so selfish. I'll be better to you. I'll be good to you. I promise.
The worst and the hardest moment in life is when god breaks your trust over and over again.
I had a long day, up since five. I walked in the exam room, a few minutes behind time. I was held up, waiting for a friend. It seems like I'm always held up, and waiting for a friend. Anyway, I finally got there, I felt so lost. I'd been counting down the days, anxiousness was all I was feeling. All the tables were already occupied. I asked for help and was pointed to a spare seat. Do you know how I felt when I realised it was by you? All these coincidences are insane, but I couldn't get over the relaxed feeling I got when I sat by you. I don't know what it is. You just offered a small smile and I was set. You didn't realise, you probably will never know. But I felt so happy to have sat by you.

When I was younger I hated hugs. I didn't even hug my parents. I can't remember the last time I hugged my dad. It was just something I never did. Recently, however, I like hugs. Well I don't know if they count as hugs, I just like resting my head on people's shoulders. My mum doesn't mind it, my dad calls me childish but reciprocates it too. I love them. I never used to hug my friends. Now I hug them whenever I see them. There's many things I never used to do, that I do so often now. It's strange. We're always changing. Even in small ways, nothing is permanent.


I knew I was not a good person, but at least I thought I was kind. I'm working on myself. I'll be warmer.

All I ever needed
Someone to believe in
Anything that I could do
Maybe there's something beautiful
Hidden deep in my bones
I'll get as far as I can go
Where I run, you never will know
When you're left there lying alone
Know I'm never coming home

I show my compassion in different ways. I nag. You had an assignment due but you kept procrastinating. I nagged at you to get it done. Instead you went out and bought a rug. What are you doing? You always say I don't care enough for people. I'm not trying to prove myself to you. Well maybe I am. But haven't you known me long enough to see how I care? I can't show it outright. It makes me feel uncomfortable...way too vulnerable. So I'll nag. I'll nag and nag until you've finished what you need to do so I can stop worrying about you. I guess that's what caring about someone is to me. Making sure they're on track so I don't have to worry anymore. I am a good person. These days I find myself trying to convince myself of this. But good is such a vague word.


Sometimes you need fake friends so you don't look lonely. You still feel empty, but sometimes...sometimes you need to convince everyone else that you're not.


-Christine Vega

Knowing that love ain't the same
Having to fight through every single day
knowing that I wasn't good enough for you
You needed someone else to fill the void
You needed another to hold you, right
You were my first love
You meant the entire world to me
thought you were my destiny
but a tragedy is what we became to be
even though you were a king to me
you turned into my biggest enemy
Enemy, an enemy is what you'll always be
Take your jar of hearts 
you've torn me apart and I can't do this no more
You're soul is dim and cold
you're heart is as dark as coal
you're looking for me everywhere
just to break me apart and leave me in the sorrow
leave me in the darkness 
breaking me apart now
grab my arrows, fighting like Katniss Everdeen
Got this everlasting scar from the curse you've cast
you're a small part of me and you make me insane
Feeling like Harry Potter and you're my death eater
Sometimes I run and hide from myself
I'm not scared of you but I am nervous 
about what could happen in the future
You cut me open
You rip me apart and pull out my deepest insecurities and fears
You're just an enemy to me and thats all you'll ever be
You're broken, you're powerless, You're weak
and you're alone
Lots of complaints texted by her......
His single reply calms her anger.
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