Best Story Quotes This Year

you deserved the universe. you deserved it all.
your name was always caught in my throat. now it is flowing freely off my tongue, and i wish you could hear just how often. but that would change everything.
i always wanted to know you. dare i say i do?
my ears itch for your voice to say i can come in. i don't want to intrude. i don't want to intrude. i don't want to intrude. but i want to u n d e r s t a n d.
stranger is such a harsh word.
i think i'm in love. ((everyone here leaves so quickly, i hope you linger.))
i should have told you back then.

but you deserve the universe. you deserve it all.

-T.s., friends come and go

I'm a

little bit






There was a time in my life when everything lined up perfectly. I was on top of the world. I thought, "Life is easy!"
Then came the time when no matter what I did, I couldn't seem to get it right. I thought to myself "Life is so hard!" After all that, I just wanted to sleep. "Wake me up when this is all over.." I would say.
That's when everything changed and my life was simply unrecognizable.
So I learned to ride the waves, appreciate the blessings, and see life for what it really was.
-- An Adventure
couldn't hear the thunder
but i heard your heart race
couldn't see the rain, we're too busy making hurricanes

there's no remedy for memory


every facet of my head hurts--my mind, my jaw, my ears, my eyes are on fire. my stomach is churning. i'm hunched over, sitting on a chair in my kitchen, staring at the medicine cabinet. i just want it to stop.
i am holding a bottle of pills. my hand is shaking, causing the capsules to rattle. my face is contorted, my eyebrows are permanently furrowed. the fan above me creates a buzzing noise that blocks out any voice of reason i could be hearing.
the bottle is on the floor, the cap is broken off. all the pills are gone. my shaking has gotten worse. i've started sweating, and drops of it sting my eyes. they blur my vision. i don't care. i feel like i'm going to lose everything i've eaten today. i pound my fist on my thigh, and the bruises that are already there scream. i grit my teeth.
my jaw aches worse than ever. my abdomen is sore. i'm gasping curses on myself. i've thrown up four times. i might pass out if i do it again. there was a time i would've died rather than vomit. i wish i was dead. wasn't that the whole point?
i am asleep on the bathroom floor. my toothbrush is laying on the side of the sink, next to an open tube of toothpaste. my dreams are black.
i cough myself awake. my skin looks dead. my toes are numb. my throat is raw. i take a shallow breath and stand up. my legs are wobbly. my body aches from sleeping on the hard tile. i force myself to take a shower. i try not to look at myself in the mirror.
my back is against my matress. judy garland is playing from my ipod. her voice soothes me. i unclench my fists. i will be okay. i will be okay. i will be okay. 


spread love
and positivity

I've had my profile since 2009

It's been over 5 years since I've logged on here
-still rememeber my info-

I'm now 22 living on my own
Looking back at my old posts I just want to tell each and every one of you
it gets better..i swear to you

I think I was 13 when I started posting and man was I naive.
That boy you're crying about? give it a few years, I promise you'll forget all about him
The tough time you're having? you'll get through it
Suicidal? DONT DO IT

There's still so much in this world you have left to discover and I'm still at the opening gates.
don't give up

because years from now, when you're in my position, you'll come back to your profile and say 

"wow..I did it."

don't speak, just use your touch

but if you close your eyes
does it almost feel like
nothing changed at all?


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