Best Story Quotes This Year

i gave all my oxygen
to people who could breathe

couldn't hear the thunder
but i heard your heart race
couldn't see the rain, we're too busy making hurricanes

"lets be realistic," he said with a scoff.

was being realistic.

Yes, my reality was to spend the rest of my life with you.

Yes, my
reality was to grasp your face and connect our lips in a white dress.

Yes, my reality was to hold your hand as my fingers dug within your flesh as the doctors yelled for me to push.

Yes, my r
eality was to help you wash your gray short hair and tease each other about our wrinkles.

my reality was to stare at grandchildren as we reminisced about our lives.

You wer
e my reality, and I was being realistic.

"you're right," I mumbled in agreement, "i need to be realistic."

was being realistic.
spread love
and positivity

you can get addicted
to a certain kind of sadness

but everytime you hurt me, 
the less that i cry

and everytime you leave me,
the quicker these tears dry

Is there anyone who can see my tears, is there anyone who can feel what i feel, is there anyone who can heal this pain, is there anyone who can love me...if there is someone than just please hold me, just hug me tightly that you will not leave me..I need someone.

let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I am a rose.  

Being picked away

from my home. Just to be put 

in a small container.

To be watched until I die.


"There are a whole lot of things
In this world
You haven't even started
wondering about yet"

- James and the Giant Peach
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