Best Story Quotes This Year

I'm sorry for leaving
I'm sorry with one foot out the door
I'm unapologetically sorry for everything
Maybe more than anything, sorry you love me


 I still feel your breath on my skin
I hear your voice deep within
the sound of my lover 

It’s pretty sad you can’t even go to a car wash without being sexually harassed by a random man. I’m cleaning out my car and a guy pulls up and says “are you married?” I answered no.. and this man says “keep doin what you’re doin then hun, I’ll watch you”. I said “excuse me? I am happily in a relationship though and you can leave now”. So he smirks and pulls away. HOW SICKENING. This is why females are scared to go out alone, because there are GROWN "men" like this who think saying those things to a female, especially a female they do not know, is okay. It’s not, it’s disgusting and rude. So sick to my stomach. 🤢
Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.

Midwest Gothic
abandon farms
silos that are slowly turning back into the earth
street lights that flicker as you pass them
empty streets in the middle of the night, but you still hear footsteps behind you
someone looking at you from a curtained window, then you blink and they’re gone
storm sirens at 2 AM
an old radio carackling on, even though no one touched it
the endless fields know your fears

I want to cry , I want to cry deep, I want to cry loudly , I want to cry till I fall asleep, I want to cry till my heart gets lighten, I want to cry till there is no more tear left in my eyes, I want to cry because if I didn't I will die soon from inside. So to save myself I need to cry.
I was like a sun flower. I followed the light. I would beam the light for those who needed the hope from the golden rays. You only saw that there was one thing that shown brighter than you. It was something to simple, beautiful, and rare. The three concepts that were too foreign to grasp. You needed to take the golden glow to feed your own greed. Then I was gone. The light I once followed, you took from me. The golden glow I once had, it began to fade. You never saw what you had done. Broken to your eye, you threw me away. Back in the light, I began to heal. My golden glow shown brighter then before. You came back, hurt and empty, just as before. You were looking for the glow I had now gotten back.

I stood in front of you, the love in my heart beaming like the summer sun. I finally learned how to love myself, yet you shamed me by saying “How dare you! Your arrogance astounds me.” As my heart shattered on the hard ground you threw me to, the words “ You need to be filled with self love to love others” dared to fall from your lips. All I was trying to do was prove that self love is not the same as pride or arrogance. There is a difference that only truly understanding what love is, can show. Now, with a million pieces of glass in my hands, I slowly put my heart back together. You watch over my shoulder, making sure that there are cracks in what used to be whole. Only to prove that without you, I will never be whole.
You should've kept quiet. You should've held back and listened to both side-- No, you should've been on my side. Now I don't expect much from you. Whenever you smile at me I feel some type of way. It's a bad feeling. Some things should just be granted. I thought your love for me was unconditional, but I guess you were just on my side when it was easier for you to be. I don't know how I feel about you anymore. I used to admire you, now I wish you wouldn't speak my name. Funny how one afternoon could have led to this. You should've just kept quiet, I would still have respect for you that way. You should've apologised. There's nothing I hate more than people who can't control their words when they're angry. It's very telling.
Doing what everyone else doing is not cool, doing the right thing even if anyone else is not doing is COOL.
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