Best Story Quotes This Year

We're all immortal, 

as long as our

are told.


 february journal prompts 

5. The Quality I most admire in myself is: 

My confidence the fact that I can wear, say, listen to whatever music, do anything I want without caring about what others may think about it.
Its a shame that this is where my heart must be left

In the giant holes of hell i once called heaven

Since i thought you were my heaven

 March journal prompts 

2. How Do You Refresh? 

  Get myself a nice ice cold, majory sweet tall cup of coffee. chill at home if possible. reRead a fave book. 

could've loved you to death,
but now I dance on your grave


My "Best Friend's" Best Friend had a Fling with Me
She knew that if I fell for him
He wouldn't want anything to do with me
So she helped me fall for him

Turns out she was right

i knew it would be hard. it has always been hard. i knew it would take long. i knew it would be like this. i almost regret having any optimism. false hopes. overqualified. underqualified. somewhere in between. overall not good enough. not what we're looking for. goodluck next time. we'll keep it on record, just in case. but at the end of the day it still comes back to not what we're looking for. overqualified. underqualified. "thank you"s in between. a bunch of "not successfuls" and "but"s. am i at the stage where it's still too early to give in? because i really want to. i'm qualified for more rejections and ego blows. unqualified for any good that could come beyond that. good intentions don't mean anything. sounds good or awful on paper. in person can't pull it off. masked in disadvantage. obstacles galore. i will overcome this all one day. i know. but it's always the right now that is hard. and one day is not my life. my life is right now and right now is hard.


maybe i'd always be a joke to those who couldn't see how great i could've been.

What's the allure
of inconsequential love?


do you still think love is a laserquest?
or do you take it all more seriously?

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