Best Story Quotes This Year

Depression is sleeping through
the day in a dark room. Depression is
ignoring calls and texts from family
and friends. Depression is feeling
lonely but not wanting company.
Depression is a disease. Its called
the silent killer for a reason. If you're
still here today know that i love you

 and know that there are others out there
who understand i am one of them
you are not alone 

My Response to the above qoute that i found
on a friends timeline. The only part i wrote
is marked in Orange.

we are a breed all are own

no matter how hard they try with their books and degrees
the normal ones will never completely understand our minds
. the only ones who truly do understand
are those who have walked
and those that continue
to walk the same path as we do.  

i use to run back to this boy just cus i was so use to him and so comfortable around him, being together 24/7, i felt like he was all i had. he was my home, or in other words my person. but now when i look at him i feel nothing but anger in my body and i feel myself wanting to cry, that’s when i knew i couldn’t keep doing that to myself. it wasn’t ever worth it.

You dont love me youre just used to me.

Hard pill to swallow: people are allowed to decide they don't want you in their lives anymore
"I will forgive, but never forget, I'll love you from a far because that's as close as I'll get, I'll wait to see you in my dreams because I know thats the only time we'll spend, So many messages I have I just never send, I hope one day our hearts will mend, and the hurt will someday transcend, I let you go because love is free, I know the future isnt guarenteed, I don't need you, you don't need me, but our connection has definately given me a key, When I think of you I go to the sea, it gives me a sense of peace, and helps me connect the puzzle pieces, it took me too long to see, Some things are not meant to be"
Last night,
with the snow
so light,
I dreamt of you
as dancing bones,
in a pretty blue dress.

it's the type of self confidence that comes from within. not the one built up through working hard and being kind. it's the type of self confidence that was nurtured in the arms of parents who saw no one else but you. when you were young, you saw the love they had for you in their eyes, you could even feel their love in the words they spoke. i'll always envy that. i got hugs too, but it wasn't the same. i don't know if i can accept it but i seek that love elsewhere now. i'll keep working hard...i'll keep trying to be nice. it's just a bit sad really. i emulated the parts of my parents i saw the most and added some parts i had made on my own. that in itself was not enough. i can't compete with a chronic disease. i can't compete with near death experiences that make you cherish them more. i can't compete. i should be glad that i can't compete. i should be glad that i'm healthy. i am glad. i'm glad. for being born healthy, i am glad. for being born healthy in this family, i very glad lucky
I've created my own personal hell Come inside with me and you can be mine as well This affliction will blacken your heart I keep believing as it's tearing my soul apart Self-destruction is the name of the game I say I've had enough but still want it all again. I won't deny I tried to hide it But now it's killing me inside And now I Feel so cold
can you make this a little better? take this burden and share it. lessen the load. domino effect won't happen if we lean on eachother. be someone i can depend on. give me a reason to respect you. 

I am always dreaming,
even when I'm awake;
it is never finished.

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