Strangers Quotes

memories in photos
too easy to rewrite
left as lonely shadows
holding each other tight

'Perfect stranger' is a redundancy.
And All Those Never Ending Talks N Laughter Has Turned Only To Wishing Each Other On Our Birthdays
Why can strangers call me pretty,
but you can't?

     when did we become



Soon, we'll become strangers,
walking away from each other.
Like we never knew each other. 
Maybe we'll put out the guns,

And maybe the thought will be more dangerous,
once we turn and point the gun at each other.
Watching each other carefully, if the gun will-
wiill, explode words that would make a wound.
But never even heal you, it's like salt on the wound. 

Burning the old feelings and creating new feelings,
I fiddled with the trigger and watched you steadly.
Were we going to become strangers again?..
Or will we just be left in the dark all over again.

Strangers, I never wanted to be a stranger..
Then..the trigger was pulled and you shot me,
right in the heart,  where the wound will never heal.
I guess, they were right, we'll always be strangers.

Never wanting to talk or speak.

I hate how I am becoming so numb. 
I hate how the strangers around me are becoming so numb. 
My friends and my family--numb. 
We were all young once, and we may have grown, changed, became different...
But one thing hasn't changed--
And I don't understand how our grasp and perception of its definition has changed,
because it hasn't.
The meaning is still the same.
We just became numb...
after months of fighting and silence, I realized we make better strangers than we ever did anything else.
Dear those I deem 'strangers', Please know that I am tumbling into a raveen through another road at the end of a corner and which sometimes takes what seems like 1/6 of my life span. Although every human being goes through one it seems a thousand more appear at each path I pave for myself. I exclude you from the few folds of my frontal cortex as when you create happier memories that will take over my entirety; the memory of how I seemingly forgot you will still be etched in the back of your head even when you suffer dementia and that reassures me of my existance even if its just for a second.
You don't have to be far away from a person 
To miss them 
- m.m
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