Stress Quotes

i hate how triggered i get when someone asks me if ive lost weight
it's happenetwicani  neeit thappen a third   time simplbecausthreis a  morcomplete   numberwhis my brain   like this? i need to turn  myselinbut  it wondo  anything. whcamy  brain bodanmind   never align?

Mental illness may feed of you, but you do NOT feed of mental illness. YOU were there before it and you will be there after it. It may take a while, it may take more than once, but all things that are worth it do.
Keep breathing x


the feeling of despair 
and sadness seep 
through my brain,

slowly creeping into 
the back of my mind, 
leading my thoughts

to a sudden stop.


my hands rush to 
the tissues, taking 
two or three at once.

hurriedly wiping at 
the spilled coffee that 
quickly spread over my 

the screen flickers 

on to off
off to on

screen flickers once more,
before giving a sigh, 

                         a sputter, 

and then black.

On the difficult days, when the world's on your shoulders, remember that diamonds are made under the weight of mountains.
— Beau Taplin, Diamonds

Music up loud so my thoughts are hush hush silent.
work is getting so stressful for me.
"that's life" and "that's work" is all I'm
being told and like... I get it, I do, but
I shouldn't have to be scared to go in
to work because my boss might decide
she doesn't like me that day for no good
reason. because she does that. the other
day she told my coworkes I don't have
much common sense. like who does 
that? I have plenty. but my manager 
didn't train me. so there are a lot of
stupid questions I ask, so I don't get
in trouble for doing something wrong.
it's an anxiety thing. and being called 
stupid is the one thing I just can't stand.
because I can be stupid, we all can.
but I'm not stupid in general, you know?

Your mental wellbeing is so important...

Please make sure you give yourself the self care you need, when you need it. Talk to someone if it's all too much. Make art. Take a long bath. Go shopping. Sit in bed all day and watch every season of Pretty Little Liars.
Look after yourself.

If you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind

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